“I noticed this box with something protruding on top”

I have always had this apprehensions about buying stuff from second hand stores,  I have nothing against it really.  So many things have been said about thrift stores or most commonly known in the Philippines as “ukay-ukay.”  Like stuff being sold there are supposed to be donations, or previously owned by dead people, or they could be contaminated by virus, or even cursed!  Hmmm, being a fan of Mr. Jaime Licauco (a paranormal expert, radio announcer of Innermind) I have been aware that certain energies get attached to things previously owned by people (so this could be negative or positive) but this is another story.  Back to doll, well,  Im curious, so I crossed the line.  I chanced upon a doll in a thrift store 3 years ago. Stacked behind the cashier  counter  with some  knick-knacks.  I noticed a rectangular box with something like a hump protruding on its leftside,  I got curious I asked the sales clerk if I could see it.  She reached for it,  took a quick peek and handed it  to me  and  murmured “ngiiii….”  Imagine how I felt when I realized it was a  Blythe Doll!   He eyes closed (like she’s in a coffin!)  I opened it, she’s wearing a red overall swede suit with a black wrap around skirt, painted shoes and socks! Jointed arms and legs that’s bendable (maybe wired inside.)  Behind her head “Blythe TM, 2003 Hasbro Inc, Takara.”

“In red suede suite (that goes all the way down) and wrap-around lace skirt with red beads”

I got excited!  Talk about beginner’s luck!  I took her out of the box lined with cotton (uh…hmmmm..)  My worry (about the cotton…well its clean though) disappeared when she opened her eyes and gave me a bright orange smile!  Awaken from a deep sleep & probably long journey.  I took her home and introduced her to Bethonk (my kewpie/cupid doll), I found out she is Rosie Red.  By the way, I paid Php65.00 for her release, no questions asked!



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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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