My name is Samantha Parkington & I am one of the 3 original American Girl Dolls…


I was made in China but distributed in some western countries.  For some reason, I was made to retire in 2008.  While most of the Mini Samantha was able to reach their destination during that year, I was left behind, nobody noticed I fell on the floor, good thing I’m still in my box.  The janitor found me & tossed me to the sorting bin along with the unfinished dolls.  As I laid there inside the dark factory, the doll fairy appeared to me and told me that I am going on a long journey, that I am meant to be with a 47 year old lady….huh?!  I giggled and asked…”what are we suppose to do together?”  She’s not going to poke needles  & pins on me is she? The fairy smiled & said “you’ll cheer her up, lift her spirit, she’ll take care of you well.  You will know it is her when you hear her heartbeat.”  With this, the doll fairy vanished…..

MINI SAMANTHA with miniature book version Meet Samantha

I do not know how far I traveled , all I felt was the motion of being tossed over & over, until finally I saw daylight.  An asian girl put me on top of a wooden shelf along with the other old stuff (I supposed), I strained my ears, I did not hear anything.  For 2 days a lot of faces peek inside my box, I looked away coz they were all cold empty stare.  I held on tightly to my book & my box..waited….and then one day, a petite lady came in, we both have long brown hair, a bit chubby too!  She looked in my direction, without blinking her eyes,  she walked towards me, I knew it is her!  Gosh!  It is true!  I could hear her heartbeat as she approaches me, it sounds like music to my ears, …my human! I gave her my wide toothed smile, braced myself.   And as she held on to my box I kept on saying thank you to the doll fairy.   Tudi (my human BFF)  paid Php120.00 for my adoption.

"Tudi enjoyed listening as I read my story..."

When we got home, I said wow!  So I am in the Philippines, & the rest is history……the end



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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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