Last December I was able to restrain myself from buying dolls.  I shun away from warehouse sales, clearance sales, midnight sales, holiday offers, etc…!  But there’s one sale I wasn’t able to ignore, not because the sale items are too good to resist, but because I was so stressed out with my office work that I have to relieve it somehow.  Anyway, I dropped by TRU (Toy’s R Us) and found a Silkstone Barbie clone!

I don’t really like clones because they are usually made of cheap materials, the design or artwork are not really that attractive, mostly made without quality control.  But this one tickled my fancy, I can’t afford a real Silkstone Barbie, they costs a month’s salary.  So, this one will do, she’s only Php200.00 or about almost $4.00 and she’s not really cheap looking. 

She’s Ardana…

Ardana Doll
Speed Star Ardana
Ardana has her own Tiara and stand!
The back of her box has a different doll in the picture with a typical Barbie face (good thing they didn’t use this facemold)
I always wanted to capture a doll’s face up close, but since I don’t have a digicam, my T700 cellfone will do for the meantime.




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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.


  1. Thank you for your reply. These dolls are hardly available in my part of the world (Poland, Europe) and their shipping costs are too high to even consider buying one of them (3 times higher than the doll price).

    You have an interesting blog – I will try to visit it from time to time, as I’m really keen on both: oryginal dolls and their clones, so every new note will be appreciated.
    Kind regards,


    1. Hi stary, well you are right, it is not worth to spend too much on a doll who’s shipping cost is too much. Plus, we can’t help but worry about “what if it get lost in the mail”

      thank you for your comments


    1. Hi stary, thanks for the comment, well the hair is rooted (but not as full like Barbie’s) the texture is almost the same (only thinner strands) the head is vinyl, legs also has an armature inside, bendable (but it looked malnourished) the materials they used for the body (upper & lower torso, arms) are quite the same as barb, but, of course, if Barbie’s quality is class A, then this one is between B & C


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