Another Liv….to tell the tale

Another tell the tale

Alexis is another thrift store doll i found, she still has her clothes and earrings, but no shoes and wig.



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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

4 thoughts on “Another Liv….to tell the tale”

  1. She’s wearing 1 Wave Alexis doll so she’s probably the 1st Wave Alexis doll as well. Wigs are now on sale at 150 php. I got some of my LIV wigs at Richwell’s Kidcraze warehouse sale at Scout Torillo neat Timog Ave in Q.C. You can also check Rustan’s makati dept if they still have any left. Where’s the thrift store you always mentioned? I’m on a lookout for cheap livs to customized sin I aquired a lot of wigs lately.


    1. Thank you chorva for the info. Kidscraze used to have their sale in Libis, but when they transferred to Scout Torillo, I lost interest, i’m flat broke so I just content myself with whatever I could find in a thrift store. I frequent the one in Cubao, remember COD? beside it is the Cubao Shoe Expo, and in front/across the street is the MSM surplus. This is where I got my Liv Dolls and all other dolls I post here. Wish you luck! Don’t go alone, tag along a buddy.


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