At Last! A Bob Mackie Barbie Doll!

For quite some time I’ve been dying to have at least even just one Bob Mackie Barbie Doll!  But of course, I can’t afford one.  First, they are rarely sold in the Philippines, second, even if they do, well, it would probably cost me my one month salary! 

Anyway,  Bob Mackie is referred as a Legendary Fashion and Costume Designer. His designs are awesome, different, not traditional, and I love how he express his artistry thru his creations.  You can check out his work at  he’s been designing Barbie Gowns and Costumes for years!

To make my long story short, I found, of all places in the world, a Bob Mackie Sterling Silver Rose Barbie Doll in a thrift store!  I just can’t believe it, how did it get there and who would give up a collector edition Barbie Doll?!  Well, it was my luck, she was with other dolls and they’re not even displayed on the shelf, they were just inside a big box along with other toys.  Good thing I got her first, most times other customers bring along their kids who just play around throwing and tinkering carelessly on just about any toys they could get their hands on.  By the time you get the stuff, there are already missing pieces.

And here she is…Sterling Silver Rose Barbie Doll  2002 Collector Edition, headmark 1991, closed mouth headmold, Caucasian…

She is wearing a glamorous deep purple panne gown accented with a single silver and lavender embroidered fabric rose


With Lavender Bustle, Intricate platinum hair with Lavender Hues
With long lavender gloves and a dramatic almost bare back gown
She is supposed to be wearing deep purple pumps, but it got lost, so i just replaced it (not visible)

I bought her for Php180.00 or about $4.00 and I didn’t have to break my piggy bank!  A customer noticed that I was clutching her like a baby close to my chest, told me why she did not saw her first?  I just murmured…well, I guess she hid herself until I arrived, she is meant to be with me….happy me!


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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