Very late post!  That was some holiday indeed!  All work, less vacation, not much time to bond with dolls.  Anyway, last christmas, as usual, some of my “inaanak” (godchildren) came in their best dress, and holiday outfits bought by their parents.  Here in the Philippines, when we don’t have time to shop for gifts, we usually give money to children instead. As early as November, some folks would reserve/request from their banks for some crisp new Peso bills which we put in an envelope (white/red) to give to our visiting godchildren as our “aginaldo”  (from Spanish word aguinaldo, means christmas bonus). 

I usually asks children to line up (for fun) and one by one they would do the “mano po” gesture (a sign of respect/greeting where one would press their forehead to the hand of an elderly relative, same like kissing their hands).

“For fun, since a lot of children come to visit us, I have asked them to line up, give respect and we give the aginaldo.”
“We usually extend the right hand (unlike what 2D did above…ooops uses the left hand) for the children to do the mano po.”
“After which, we do the picture taking…and as years go by, these kids gets older, some will not visit anymore, they get lesser and lesser….but only for a couple of years or so, when they get back, they would have their own children doing the same tradition, and the cycle goes on…”
While me on the other hand remains to be single, and shall always welcome the next generation of kids who will come and visit….it was a MERRY CHRISTMAS indeed!


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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      1. I have often thought about it unfortunately all I have for now is a flickr acct feel free to check it out & leave your comments-Feliz Ano Nuevo!!


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