So the girls went inside the thrift store by batch to give them enough space to dig.

TERESA: Try it on now, if it does not fit I’ll take it.
MULAN:  Sorry… but I know my size, it will fit me.
BARBIE: Teresa, here’s another pretty pink one.
MS DISNEY: Girls, there’s a lot more here, please
DOROTHY: Want to be like a working girl, Im not in OZ anymore.
AURORA: Yes, we’re out of fantasy island. Love this blue top.
MS. DAVID: I love gowns.
SUMMER: Yeah, at least that pink will give you color.
TERESA #2: I will show my belly button!
BALLERINA: This two go together? I need a tutu skirt.
TAURUS: I can shop wearing these outfit, classy!
SPANISH GIRL: Tired of wearing Trajes de Faraleas (oh my, am I spanish?)
SOPHIE: OK I saw this peach gown first, it’s mine.
ALEXIS: It does not complement the color of your complexion! 2D suggested I should have it!
VOLKS: Well, I guess all gowns were sold out, they were all big anyway.
JUNE: Cheer up, these are cuties, try all of them, 2D is still digging in her closet..

To be continued...


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

5 thoughts on “2Ds THRIFT STORE SALE: PART 2”

      1. Oh well-some people simply don’t get it-but You are never ever too old to play with dolls! I am 53, my mom is 73 and it quite the hobby-do what you enjoy life is too short. Know what I mean?


        1. Absolutely! Do what we enjoy doing, while the majority of women here in our country are going crazy about stem cell and skin whitening, I go the other way and I’m happy.


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