2Ds Thrift Store Sale: The Picture Taking

And finally I get to post the continuation of my Thrift Store Sale (just a post, not selling any at the moment.)


BARBIE:  Oohh finally! 2D had the time, I’ve been waiting for this day!

SPANISH GIRL:  So where was she?  Hope she did not spent the 2 months searching for a pair of shoes for Mulan!


SPANISH GIRL:  2D does’nt know who I am so she keeps referring to me as “spanish girl” (too busy to search)


THERESA:   Yup!  I love showing my belly button!  Got to go, this is my first and last pic, 2D just allowed me to pursue my modelling career with my new agent (or mom).  My twin shall stay.


TERESA:  Good luck sis!  I’m happy I get to stay.  2D liked my skin tone (we both have the same color!)  I love my evening dress, it’s simple.


MS MASQUERADE:  OK, no tutu skirt for me, sad……but I know she has plans for me.  I’m from an AVON exclusive, Ballet Masquerade Barbie 2000



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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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