2Ds Thrift Store Sale: The Picture Taking 2

This post is getting longer and I want to cut it short (I get impatient when I don’t get the result I want, like the outcome of the pictures..etc..etc)  anywayz these dolls waited long enough so here they are, the continuation.


DOROTHY:  I’m so out of OZ!  After this, I’ll head for the corporate world!  I was from the 2007 Pink Label Edition,  there are so many versions of me produced by Mattel, for the record, I don’t talk and my ruby shoes (why’d ever called it slipper?) does not light up.


SUMMER:  Tickled Pink!  I’m Summer Top Model, of course with a Model Muse body posed.  I like this winter outfit, you may say “Summer in Winter.” 


SUMMER:  2D loved my “steffie headmold.”  We do not know who owns these outfit, it has no label, she found it along with the other dresses still in mint condition, unused (she could tell!), at bargain price and the quality is not the run-of-the-mill type!  We’re lucky because she has the knack for finding good stuff!


AURORA:  From Disneyland to the street of  New York City to find our lost prince!  I enjoyed being Sleeping Beauty Sparkle Eyes of 1996, but the new me excites MEEEE!!

MS DISNEY:  Oh well, 2D calls me that because she couldn’t remember who I was!  Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?!  Anyway at least I’m not wearing a long gown anymore because the air doesn’t circulate much with tons of petticoat & ruffles!


AURORA:  Was called Sparkle Eyes because my pupils/iris are made of blue crystal studs! I guess that’s what you get for sleeping too much ha ha ha!


MS DAVID:  Ok now why do I have to share the limelight with you?  You were already featured in the earlier post weren’t you?  I want my own solo picture please!

TERESA:  If it wasn’t for me posing beside you, you would looked like a ghostly apparition!  Aren’t you supposed to be Davids Unforgettable Blonde Bride?  You should be wearing a wedding gown…(he stood you up…?)

MS DAVID:  NO!  I only looked like her!  To correct 2D, I am from 2004 Birthstone Collection Ruby Barbie!


2D:  OK, I stand corrected, my apology.

MS RUBY:  Accepted, now how about a close up shot?

2D:  Uhm, tired, next time.  Good night.


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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