2D’s Thrift Store Sale: Mulan (last part whew!)

After weeks of trying to convince to take the stage, Mulan finally agreed!  At first she does not want to be posted unless I allow her to wear those Japanese slippers.  I had to explain to her that it does not go with the whole setting and, her outfit is long enough to cover her feet, so no problem!


MULAN:  No!  No!  No!  I don’ t want!  I tod you!


MULAN:  Oke!  Why do I have to be photographed with these utensils!  You should have just let me   wear an apron instead of this Evening Outfit!

2D:  Well, um..because these are Chinese stuff, and you’re Chinese…


MULAN:  Hmmm..I know, you want me say KONG HEI FAT CHOI!  right?

2D:  He he he…can you?  Will you..?

MULAN:  Nooooooooo!  Chinese New Year is oveh!  It’s not even Mooncake Festival!  (omg…2D go insane!)


MULAN:  Oke..oke..I know you want show off these…let me see, hmm..these are made by TAX-WISE TRADING LIMITED from Hong Kong.  They make miniatures, restaurant models, etc. 

2D:  Yes, thank you, what else..

MULAN:  You got 2 pairs of chopsticks, 2 spoons, 2 golden dragon design spoonrests, 4 plates, 2 table napkins,  1 big round gold plate with stand underneath & laddle, 2 big plate with noodles and Tofu?  And there’s the Big Bowl with detachable stand, the cover has a dragon design all over it, sorry, I do not know how they call this but it’s supposed to keep food warm.  Ooh, ceramic teapot & mug (from another manufacturer).  You found these in one plastic bag!  Where else, thrift store!


MULAN:  I want see what inside of this…hmmm

2D:  Be careful!  Look what you did!

MULAN:  Oooooppppss!  Sorry, hey, you supposed to put chicken or fish or pork here, not like these!  Wah!

2D:  Omigod!  they’re just props!  Ok, I know what you’re trying to do…….let me snap a solo of you now and we’re done!


MULAN:  He he he!….  KONG HEI FAT… 2D!

2D:  That’s it!  I’m sleepy and tired, good night!


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

4 thoughts on “2D’s Thrift Store Sale: Mulan (last part whew!)”

  1. -Thank you so much! I love this story line & diorama so much- the dishes are so freakin’ cute esp the silver pot! Its all so perfect!


    1. Hello Diva! Thank you too! I bought them really cheap and was lucky to have found it first. Miniatures here like “Rement, MIckey Mouse & Silvannian/Epoch” utensils are expensive in department stores.


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