After the Thrift Store Sale

I did say that Mulan is the last part of my Thrif Store Sale posts,  I forgot there’s still one doll left that I forgot, the storekeeper 2D!

checking sales

2D:  I feel so tired and hungry, but got to finish this now……….


2D:  Finally all finished!  Now time to eat!  Smell so goooood!


2D:   Yummm!  I can eat all of these in one sitting!  Dressing up those thrift store dolls are hard, feeling so exhausted, got to eat more!  Well, I go on a food binge whenever I’m tired and feelin stressed out.  I’m a stress eater.


2D:  Eating too much makes me sleepy…… time to ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


2D:  At last I can have my original body back,  Hello Girlie!  Thank you for looking lending me this body.


Fashionista Girlie:  Your welcome.  I knew you’d return for your original body, 2D is not really into head swappin.  Got to go now, we have a fashion show…..bye…. Ms. Korea (a.k.a. 2D)


MS. KOREA:   It feels good to be back in my box with my original clothes, whew!  That indeed was a tiring assignment.



ASIAN BARBIE 2002  Made In The Philippines (Richwell Phils. Inc.)

I bought this doll last year in SM Megamall along with another Asian Barbie China.   These dolls are made in the Philippines by Richwell Philippines Inc.  which used to be just a distributor of Barbies here in our country.  After Mattel closed its plant here in 1986,  Richwell took over some of the production of Barbies, the dolls are mostly Filipina Barbies in our native clothing.

Anyway, I was not really that interested in buying this & the Asian Barbie China at first, she does not look Korean, and the box has wear and tear already.  After a week, I decided to buy it coz she looked more like a Filipina, I’ll just change her dress.  I returned to the store but they were all sold out, actually there were only 4 boxes then.

I left empty handed, feeling sorry, but then ok I thought, not for me.   The next week, I was still thinking of the Asian Barbie Doll so I visited again the area, nothing…so the inner child in me kept saying “you should have bought it the first time you saw it!.”   I turned to leave when I accidentally knock down a box, I stoop down to pick it up, and from my peripheral vision, saw 2 boxes of dolls partly hidden behind a wide box at the lower part of the shelf.  I squatted to look closely, only their head/face are visible, and all I could say was OMG!  Did you just call me?


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

8 thoughts on “After the Thrift Store Sale”

    1. Yes I was really surprised and can’t believe it when I saw this doll, some staff must have saved her for somebody coz she was tucked away on the lowest part of the shelf. You’re right, she wants me 😉


    1. Thank you, however I don’t have a “personal post office box” even though at times I want to order something online coming outside our country, im worried coz I read a lot of lost parcels, etc. etc. if you know what I mean..:-)


  1. I wish you were my neighbor because then we can both create make believe stuff with our dolls XD I understand all the space dolls take up when you don’t have proper display shelves for them. I just got a proper display case for them it makes such a big difference! Also do you use any other form of social media? I have difficulty navigating this site on my phone so I miss a lot of things like your replies 7 days ago.


    1. Hi, this is the only site where I post my collection. My flicker account is empty still coz I have not much time to sort what I will post there. I have FB but i’m new there and I only use that when I have a buyer who wants to see full description of dolls im selling. I’ve been thinking of changing the setting of this site to be more mobile friendly. Im just too lazy to read instructions he he he…thank you child! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, i feel silly sometimes creating make-believe stuff about my dolls…maybe if we’re neighbors you can see I got so much clutter LOL! 🙂 I don’t have a display cabinet, they’re everywhere in boxes and plastics he he he

      Liked by 1 person

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