I don’t really dig SOUVENIR DOLLS, but there was a point in my doll collecting life that I took a fancy on them.  Most of these dolls have poor quality, and have the same generic appearance.  I don’t know where it started but the most famous base model for Souvenir Dolls is the one below:

These dolls have hollow plastic body with breakable head and arms, sleep eyes and a glued on wig which I don’t know the material they used, looks like some kind of cotton or very fine wool?  Anyway, I can’t comb it and it’s not made to be washed.  She’s probably from the mid-70’s.  I used her in my previous post “Eerie.”

The doll’s arms are attached via hook shaped connector and an elastic band inside the torso.  Amazing feature (at least for me!)  for a Souvenir Doll.  I think this type was used during the 60’s to late 70’s or maybe they still used to this day.  She does not have any markings on her body.  So I do not know who she is.

The only markings is on her shoes “OT OT” and it sounded funny when you read it ;-p.  Whereas the other doll in my “Eerie” post has “Made In China” on her back, she does not have the same materials as the above doll.  She is all hollow plastic except for the head which is breakable with sleep eyes, same type of hair was used.

I’ve found several other souvenir dolls which I shall feature in my next post!


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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