Blythe Clone!

Who likes doll clones?  I do, but not all.  Some are interesting to have due to their amazing similarity to the original and yes, the fact that I can’t afford the original.  Anyway, this one didn’t came from a thrift store.  I bought it in one of those toy exhibits cum warehouse sale.  I have four actually (with different hair colors, blue, pink, black, blonde) and I’m planning to give them a makeover, like a face-up or something.  But of course, better said than done.  I don’t have the time, the material, and the knowledge yet to tinker with their heads.  So for now, I’ll just take a photo for my own amusement ;-P

Color Changing Eyes, Made in China by Susan and Aladdin™ (Zhengdan Toys), 4 eye colors, pull string @ the back, sparsely rooted hair, bendable knees with the body similar to a Bratz!


    • Hi Lorrainne thank u for visiting my blog. I got mine during a Toycon exhibit in Megatrade Hall way way back. The exhibit is a yearly fair, month of June to be exact. Most collectors gather during that time and sell their collections. There are also non collectors who sell new dolly merchandise there. Another place you may try is Divisoria, try this link:

      Happy shopping, never go there alone, Divisoria is like a giant maze!


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