Let It Go…

There are times we have to let go of things because we don’t find them useful anymore, or we’ve grown weary seeing same stuff everyday, or they’ve become broken, damaged, etc.

But, this is not in my case, I have decided to let go “some” of my dolls because my priorities and interests are slowly (but not surely) veering toward a different direction.  I do not have much time to manage and maintain them in tip top shape, I don’t have a display cabinet, we do not have much space at home & to see them going to a point of deterioration is something I don’t want to happen.  I felt they are better off to a new home where they can truly serve their purpose, to be played with and bring joy to young girls.

I do not want to use the word “dispose” because most of the dolls I sold are dear to me.  They’re my babies & have been with me for quite sometime, I hope the new owners would really take good care of them.  Selling my collection does not mean I’m gonna stop blogging about dolls.  There’s still a lot of thoughts about them that I want to put in writing.  My dolls may not be considered highly collectible as compared to the dolls of a real collector whose collections usually consists of expensive high end ones. Mine spans from expensive to not so expensive to the cheapest type.



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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

5 thoughts on “Let It Go…”

  1. Oh no, how sad in a way. I have to admit I have given my collection that very same thought for almost the same reasons. I have my daughters dolls which I saved, & even mine from my childhood-& now I have my granddaughters. I feel like a horder but because my grand is still so young I must hold on. I love your passion & certainly respect your mission. Love you man!

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  2. Aww I’m sorry it had to resort to that. It must be a little sad to let go of them especially if they had been around the house for a long time. If these dolls were alive they would probably appreciate the care and attention you have given them. Your collection is wonderful and knowing you will continue writing about dolls makes me happy. I’m sure the new owners will love them. Don’t stop being awesome!


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