I don’t have much info on Jenny, all I know is that she used to be Takara Barbie a joint project between Takara & Mattel in 1981.  She doesn’t even have a last name like Licca Chan, but I maybe wrong.  So I read she was fashioned after a popular model in Japan during the 1970’s named Agnes Lam.  Anyway, because of Jenny (my doll) I started to appreciate other dolls with articulated features. I adore her anime look, sweet and innocent.  My sister asked, why does Jenny looked sad at certain angles, and happy in another?

DSC03057She’s got 14 points of articulation, good condition, a bit loose in the bikini area, but she can very well stand on her own without the need for a doll stand.

Most of the doll clothes I have are fitted for Barbie and Licca Chan, so I have not really experimented on trying everything on, just chose these dress.

I read somewhere that you can identify Takara dolls by the dots on their eyes, where the eyelashes are positioned, and by the color of their eye shadow.  But at this moment, I have not fully researched on that.  I’ll just enjoy taking pics of her for now!


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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