Being a collector means accumulating a lot of stuff that has something to do with what you collect.  So it is most likely that there would be an array of dolly outfits, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. including items that does not really belong but find useful.

I’m not really into dolly clothes and accessories, but I guess one can’t say no to a few good finds, specially if they are cheaper than it’s original cost when bought in toy stores.  Anyway I took a little time to force myself to get organized, I’ve been putting off this task coz it’s giving me quite a headache.  BARBIE OUTFITSActually, these are just some, I got the other stuff stashed away somewhere LOL!  Couldn’t find the plastic bag!  So I wanted to sort them out from tops, bottoms, skirt, gowns, panties and thinking about it just made me sigh!  How? big task (for me) so I thought of getting a photo album, the one with plastic leaves/pockets where you put photos.  I was thinking it will not only keep the clothes dust-free, but will make it easier for me to find clothes I need for photo shoot just by flipping thru the pockets right? 

BARBIE CLOTHES ALBUMI would be needing different sizes of these cheap plastic albums.  I bought this for just Php50.00 (a little over a $1) not bad.  Of course, from thrift stores also.  I need big ones for the gowns.  For now, only the tops will be organized.

DSC06198 DSC06199As for the shoes and bags, I have found the empty chocolate tin boxes helpful!  The plastic molded linings are perfect enough, I was planning to use these as background for my dolly photos, but I think these are better as an organizer instead.



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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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