Yup! Was my birthday 2 weeks ago and as a treat to me and myself 😉  for the “last time” I went to my favorite thrift store in Cubao.  I did mention in my previous posts that I have stopped going to and buying dolls from thrift stores.  But like an addict who’s trying to rehabilitate, there will always be that time when you give in.  Anyway, it was hard to just stop specially if you’re undergoing a series of stressful situations like moi, I need to take a breather, something that lifts me up.  I can’t always rely on binge eating, it makes me fat! At least going to thrift stores for me is like doing an exercise, I have to walk a few extra miles from one store to another, sweat while digging on all bins, not taking time out to eat for the next 3 hours or so.

In short I went to 3 stores and got none!  Just 1 Moroccan Barbie Collector dress and 3 hats. Shucks!  I was hoping to be lucky since it’s my day…he he he.  Two days later on my way to work I saw a “new arrival” sign on the glass pane of an ukay-ukay (thrift shop) neighbor nearby.  Come lunch time, I took a peek inside, I squat on 3 boxes full of assorted toy stuff and began rummaging, forgetting my lunch!  I need to keep a sharp eye, but I’m myopic! LOL!  With all the assortment, sizes, colors and shape, a good find might go unnoticed specially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Lo and Behold!  I fished out a small doll with it’s disheveled hair covering her face.  She was as if clutching tightly on her bag and shirt almost slipping off her arm. Some customers who brought in their kids usually play around and take off clothes, shoes, and accessories from dolls, I dunno why, leaving the poor thing naked!  At least this one managed to keep her outfit, maybe I came right in time!  Excuse me kid, go find yourself another bin, this is my bin, so shoooooo! He he he!

PETITE BLYTHEShe was like a shabby beggar (was not able to take that shot) her legs were bent sideways I thought it was broken.  Anyway, broken or not, I’m willing to buy her at all cost!  You don’t get an original Blythe doll everyday so why let this pass?  Her hair was all over her face, eyes closed, and couldn’t get her to wake up even if I hold her upright in standing position.  Oh my, I hope she still has her eyes on!  I was still in a squat position while tinkering on her hair.  Some kids & their mom started staring at me like what??  So I stood up and paid for the doll without really checking it.  The clerk asked me “mam, did he told you how much this is?”  She pointed to the 2 guys talking near the kitchen who I recognized as their supervisor.  I just said “well usually an item that small, in that condition, costs P50.00” and so as not to give her the chance to verify the price, I said “her legs are broken and her eyes cannot be opened anymore, can I return this if ever?”  The clerk looked at me and said “Oh it’s only P50.00 and it can’t be fixed, either you take it, or leave it mam”.  I rest my case 😉

PETITE BLYTHESo the first thing I did when I got home was put a hair conditioner to detangle that stubborn hair!  Finally I heaved a sigh of relief seeing her open her eyes from a deep slumber.  Blue eyed blond, wow!  She has painted on vintage looking boots, bendable legs, vintage design wool (?) top and wrap skirt with faded olive green body bag.  I didn’t have much time to research who or what edition she is.  Anyway, I let her look at herself in the mirror after cleaning and setting a curler on her hair.  She’s happy to be with me!

PETITE BLYTHE IN VINTAGE WOOL TOPS AND WRAP SKIRTPETITE BLYTHE stands 4.5″ tall, she wears these vintage looking wool tops and wrap skirt, with matching body bag in faded olive green.  This one does not have a pull string to control the eyes, she only has this sleep eyes type.

VINTAGE DESIGN PETITE BLYTHE DOLLShe looked a bit shy at first when I finally spruced her up, extended her left hand to me and said “Happy Birthday! Let’s go thrift store hopping again and I promised you’ll get a bigger ME next time, as you wish, it’ll be a vintage”.


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

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