Late last year (yes, last year) one of the major toy stores here in the Philippines which is Toy Kingdom, had their annual warehouse sale.  I have no intentions whatsoever of buying any toy or doll stuff or dolls.  I just want to pass the time, relieve stress, so I took a peek, quickly scan the sale items.  I felt a tinge of excitement when I saw Takara items like Licca Chan and Mi-ki Chan!  So as expected, I gave in to some items that are hard to pass.  Almost 50% off!

Licca Chan's Dress

I have not tried them on yet.  That would be for future post. 

Also I was able to collect Elly wardrobes.  They are almost the same size as Licca Chan’s but are made of cheap materials and low quality finishing but are cute enough to pass as collectibles.  I bought these from Daiso in Glorietta Makati.  These are much cheaper than Takara Tomy’s so I hoard some. 

Elly is a Doll manufactured for DAISO.  She’s about the size (age) as Licca, but a bit smaller and is made of hollow plastic.  I do remember seeing some in thrift stores but was not that appealing to me.  Anyway, I immediately tried the school uniform to see if they fit Licca. 

Licca ChanAnd they did fit.  The shoes that came with the dress are small, I forced one shoe and it did, but I don’t want Licca to develop a disfigured feet later on so I just let her wear her original ankle length boots.  I wouldn’t recommend also allowing her to wear those black knee high socks for long.  It will stain her legs in the long run.  All in all, it looked cute!  I thought it’s a 4-piece ensemble, skirt-blouse-vest-bow, but I was amazed when I turned it inside out (sorry no picture)  they were bits and pieces of fabric sewn together!  Yay!


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.


  1. I found the yukatas and striped dresses on sale for P10 each at Saizen at Trinoma. I didn’t get the dresses but I hoarded all 7 of the yukatas, haha! I asked the cashier if there were more the day before. She said some dude hoarded them too and there were even the school uniforms.
    I think the Elly-chan shoes fit those cheap Barbie knockoffs because their feet are very small anyway.
    I wish I could find other styles including the maid outfits. They’d look good on the Monster High dolls I’ve thrifted for the past few months!


    1. Wow ollykss you’re lucky, I got mine for P25 each (school uniforms, yukatas & striped dress) at Daiso in Robinson’s Metro East and the rest are from Daiso Glorietta 5 at regular price P80. You can find maid outfits there and also in Market Market.

      Thank you for the info 😉


      1. I went back and got the last 2 room dresses (#24) yellow and pink. Still P10. I checked Daiso in Galleria before and they didn’t have them. I was so disappointed because that was my only purpose of going to Galleria that time, haha, but this makes up for it! 😀 Thanks for the tip, too!

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