Wanju Dolls are cheap dolls made in China with the body cloned from a Pivotal Barbie.  The head/face seems slightly bigger than Barb and is more anime looking.  So is it a clone or copycat of Kurhn Doll?  A crossbreed!

The plastic (which I already threw away) was labeled “Wanju”  and I couldn’t find (or maybe I’m too lazy to research) any other info about it.  Maybe Divisoria is already flooded with this type of doll and I’m the last to know he he he!  I have found it interesting because of the body and yes, I liked anime looking dolls.

These are thrift store hauls last March, but new.  A visitor commented there are articulated dolls being sold in Toy Kingdom similar to Barbie.  I have checked it out and indeed there are 3 more boxes left in the shelf.  It looked like these Wanju but their ankles are articulated, mine are not.  


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

2 thoughts on “WANJU DOLLS”

  1. Hey I found another articulated doll at Toy Kingdom. This one comes in a big box and is holding a baby, haha. The doll also has a pet koala (wtf). This is much cheaper than Jianidi. And Doll Delusions wrote that their Jianidi doll’s hand broke off so I’m not sure if these dolls are really of good quality

    Also I just realized recently that at Toy Kingdom they are selling bootlegs of Liv dolls. I think the name of the doll is Ginny. I’ve never been fond of Liv dolls. I think they look weird, so I thought these Ginny dolls look weird too, haha.

    That’s a good find, btw! I like the short-haired one.


    1. Thank you Ollykss for the info! The Ginny dolls really does looked funny their eyes are not properly set (some are crossed eyes, some have wondering eyes) what a waste! I’ve checked that big articulated you mentioned, but I saw none, maybe got sold out ha ha.


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