I found this doll in Cubao at Desibel (thrift store) it’s near MRT Cubao Station fronting Tropical Hut sometime in 2013.  She’s still in her plastic packaging, NRFB.  I remember seeing one like this nude in MSM I thought it was an Asian edition of Barbie but up close, nope, the head mold is flat, meaning to say her face features are not well defined. I’m clueless regarding her identity so I nixed the idea of buying.

Anyway, I’ve crossed path again with this Asian looking doll.  Standing alone on top of the shelf, probably waiting for her flight (or me?) he he he.  I stared for a while, I was murmuring, shall I take her with me or not?  I was actually hoping for a Takara Jenny doll.  But since she has traveled far and presented herself to me with all the info, why not.

She’s a special edition doll from Cathay Pacific’s “Follow The Crew Dolls” contest in 2009 (info here) which showcases the airline’s historical uniforms for the past 63 years, see them all here.  I got the year 1974-1983.

I wasn’t able to check her name.  Anyway, she has her own stand, her legs (not bendable) are lightly sprayed with black paint to make it looked like she’s wearing stockings, belly button type of body, black pump shoes & rubberized hat.  Her uniform is well made, not cheap or sloppy.  Her garment is well constructed inside out.

I liked how they packed the doll.  The neck is secured by a thick plastic strip not the usual pvc coated wire (that could hurt the doll? he he he) and her stand is not the type that easily breaks.  The doll’s head is protected by a molded plastic (sorry no close-up) attached to the stand. Call me ignorant but first time a I see a doll packed this way. 

Ni hau ma?!


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

6 thoughts on “WOULD YOU LIKE TO FLY?”

  1. I never had Fashion Fever dolls in tube packs but I was told they came with stands and are packed the same way.

    I have two versions of this doll. The problem with them is that the dress stains the doll so I never used it on any of my doll.


  2. I’ve seen this one back in March, but the flight attendants are wearing light blue uniforms (1950-1954, I think)! I found them at this Hong Kong surplus store (along EDSA, just beside Kamuning Rd), but I didn’t buy one. Your doll looks really nice!!

    I decided to create my own toy blog because of you and other toy blogs I read, hehe. I only have 3 posts at the moment but I’ll keep working on it.


    1. Awww… you didn’t buy her? She’s modelling the 1950-1954 uniform correct, I find that light blue really nice. I just wished they changed the facial feature for each year. Anyway, 1 doll of this type is enough for me he he

      I’ll be looking forward to your toy blog posts 😉

      You said Hong Kong surplus? Is that the one fronting Centris? There’s also a thrift shop there but more on house items. The toys they sell are just so so and a bit expensive.


      1. I don’t want to post my blog link in public, but perhaps we can email so that I can give it to you, hehe.

        Yup didn’t buy her because the packaging of the dolls were a bit yellowish. One was even missing her shoes. I wasn’t feeling this one.

        Nope it’s the one near the bus stations in GMA area. If I really want to go there, I just take a bus coming from SM North/Trinoma area and get dropped off at Kamuning where there is a Mercury drugstore. I just walk across the street and there are ukay ukay stores around. This Hong surplus shop in particular is facing EDSA.
        After I go to this store, I just walk across EDSA and take a bus going back. I think this shop is quite expensive (it’s air-conditioned) but when they had new arrival back in April or May, I found a compact Takara doll and bought it for P100 without hesitation, haha.


        1. 🙂 Oh top secret blog he he he intriguing hmm..i don’t want to post my email in public too 🙂 for the meantime, I’ll delight myself reading your “delusions.”

          Thank you for that surplus info, I never had a compact Takara, they’re hard to find. Lucky you! P100!


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