La Dee Da Clone!

The colorful doll La Dee Da went on sale several months ago, I didn’t buy, no regrets, not really my type.  Anyway, yesterday I went to a toy store just to pass time and traffic.  I was surprised that after La Dee Da left, comes another doll which is amusing for me.  I took photos for my reference.  These dolls are clones and a bit expensive @ Php699.75 so that’s about $14.82 with accessories.  Their eyes looked weird, they are detachable, I didn’t see any extra eyelid or eyeball (pupils) among the accessories.  If these dolls were priced Php200.00 ($4.25) I could have bought one out of curiosity.

This holiday season there are a lot of cheap alternatives you can choose from as gift to kids and little big kids 😛

Here are some that has caught my attention because of the way they’ve been packed and the color combination used to make it attractive. 


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

12 thoughts on “La Dee Da Clone!”

  1. It’s amazing that the “clones” cost as much as the original ones that went on sale over a year ago in ToysRus. I looked at them but didn’t like them at all.


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