My Other Vintage Dolls

Yes, I changed the title for this post (and this is part 8, still the continuation of my 70s Dolls) I just don’t want to confuse myself or anyone reading this.  Like what I said in my previous post, the dolls I have here may or may not came from the 70s.  Sooo, I’m quite a disorganized person.

DINAH-MITE (1971-1974)

Produced by The Mego Corporation.  She stands 7-1/2″ although most of the site indicates she’s 8″ well, I measured her twice of course at the back, from head to heel.  Move over MTM, he he he, anyway, she’s got 15 points of articulation, fully rooted hair, and originally wears a purple jumpsuit.

Wearing a Happy Hippy fashion from her 1975 Catalog 

She was wearing this underneath an old handmade Victorian inspired dress.  I can’t find her boots!  She’s a thrift store find.


She’s 9″ tall, rooted auburn hair, jointed body, her torso is made of hard plastic while her limbs are made of vinyl.  Her head sculpt has a bony (?) features or a well defined cheekbones (I forgot to snap a side view) and I liked how her knees bend in two clicks and still able to hold that position.  Made by Ideal Toy Company 1975.  I found her wearing a blouse and long skirt with black boots.

STEPHIE 1974-1978

She belongs to the Sunshine Family by Mattel.  I found her in good condition with her house dress and apron minus the slippers.  But just last week, I found out she’s starting to melt.  Lessons learned, never store them in contacts with the other dolls, the pressure, the heat, the plasticizer, they all contribute to the melting issues.  I admit being lazy at times I store them on top of another without plastic or protection. 


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

3 thoughts on “My Other Vintage Dolls”

    1. Hi Ollyks, for me, I liked Dinah’s better than Juku. Although the latter has a much sturdier articulation than the old doll, Dinah can bow her head, tilt and twist her waist while Juku can only turn her head around, twist her waist only to some extent. Both can stand on their own, however, Juku’s foot and elbow joints can be rotated, Dinah can only bend, both wrists can be rotated the same. Juku’s joints are connected by plastic connectors & pegs, while Dinah’s limbs and head are all connected using thick rubber band. Some may not like these type because over time, bands usually loose its elasticity or disintegrate. I’m glad the one I have is still ok 😉


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