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Since I have not yet taken any new photos yet, I might as well just write about these dolls I saw a few months ago in a toy store.  I don’t know if you can call this a review, but I am not in any way a professional product reviewer or tester or whatever you may call it.  I just wanna write my thoughts about these dolls.


I know these dolls have been in the market for quite sometime and they have a strong following. But when I saw these particular designs, I had mixed feelings.  I was a bit shocked? surprised? appalled?  I find it disturbing.  I was thinking, I won’t give my little girls dolls like these.  Am I just overreacting?  That’s why they are called Monster High Dolls, because they are monsters!  I have 3 MH dolls myself which I bought from thrift stores, but they were not as troubling as the above. Maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe I’m too old fashioned.  Maybe, I just got used to Barbie!


I was supposed to write about my thoughts on the new Bratz the first time they came back last year (?)  and feature my Bratz collection at same time but I was busy with something else.  Anyway, when they disappeared from the shelves to hibernate, I felt sad.  Bratz is one of the reasons I started collecting dolls.  Yes, I have not yet given them the spotlight in my blog.  Anyway, when I saw these dolls again, I thought they were just copycats, dupes, fake?  They are even more disproportionate than before.  The eyes are lackluster, flat, unlike the original.  Yes, the accessories maybe better than before, but I still prefer the old ones.


To be continued


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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts On…”

  1. I find those Monster High dolls dolls creepy as well. Plus the other two, I think, that have one/three eyes. Yuck! I stick to Ever After High; it’s much more my style.

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  2. I didn’t warm up to Pearl and Peri because I’m not really fond of mermaid dolls, plus the two heads are kinda strange. I do like Wydowna though. She’s still too expensive when bought brand new or second-hand so I don’t plan to get her, but if I find a bootleg of her for a cheap price, I’d buy one.


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