LIL OUTRAGEOUS LITTLE!  The first time I saw these cute mini dolls I don’t need to check who’s product they belong to.  The eyes, body shape, they’re like mini Baby Bratz, except they are much cute and adorable!  They are from MGA Entertainment.  A lot has already been written about these dolls last year, but I only saw them on display at Toys R Us last weekend.  Here in the Philippines they costs Php499.00 plus, so that’s about $10.00 plus and quite expensive for me.

7 Layers of surprise!  Got to check them out.  There are 45 characters, all collectible and my wish is to have Queen Bee, Fresh, and Cosmic Queen.  I don’t have a photo of them, check this MGA Entertainment site.  I love them all!

I was suppose to write about Kong Hei Fat Choi, I couldn’t find the dolls.  Oh well, next time maybe.


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