Dolls…they came back!

I was supposed to feature a few of my vintage thrift find, but decided to post these dolls first because I will be sending them to their new homes.

Last October, my brother brought home a bag of dolls.  These are from my nieces which I gave as gift probably about 9 years or so.  Some are from my thrift haul, and some are new from toy stores.  So, they came back to me.

As I go through the dolls one by one I can’t help but feel sad, not because they are messed up and soiled.  It dawned on me that my nieces have all grown up, which means I am getting old.

Anyway, I have to clean and spruce them up again.


After the Spa…some haircut…and a broken neck!

I decided to keep these two 😉

Alice by Playmates and a kid version of Bratz Yasmin

I’m keeping her also for now, I forgot her name, is she Chelsea?







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