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I’m a 50 year old single lady (from the Philippines) who passes time by taking pictures of my doll collections.  Most of these dolls came from thrift stores, toy warehouse sales, and some are given as gifts.

This Blog is about my crazy journey to doll collecting.  I started to rekindle this hobby 4 years ago when I accidentally found a Blythe Doll in one of my thrift store hopping.  So far I’ve adopted almost 50 different types of dolls from hard to find, to collector items, up to cheap plastic ones.  I do not have a display cabinet at home so I thought about posting them here.  Check them out!  


  1. hi! I just wanna say your’e the first person I saw doll-blogging here in our country. I learned a lot from you and got some inspirations too. Hopefully I’d make a doll blog soon if I have enough collections or hoardings of dolls lol. I dunno either if I’d get to meet you whenever I do doll hunt… Good luck!

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    • Hello JJ thanks for commenting 😉 just like you I was also inspired by another blogger (from another country) to share my collections (they’re just cheap really) yes, who knows we might bump into each other by chance 😉 while thrift store hopping, looking forward to that doll blog of yours 🙂


  2. hi mam,

    my name is earl from Mandaluyong city.

    i saw your when i did some net browsing looking for souvenir doll suppliers that my mandaluyong city based company is looking for…You see, we want to give souvenir dolls (male and female) in native Mandaluyong costumes during special occcassions only. I saw ur dolls and they are all lovely and perfectly made… I just wanna ask if u accept custom designed dolls for a client? i also saw ur centennial barbie dolls that i concluded that u probably are accepting work for clients needing ur expertise…pls let me know… my facebook account is earl fumera jr and my mobile nmber is 09175158071…Kindly hit me back asap…thank u so much


  3. Hi, where can I buy the dolls wearing filipiniana costumes? Similar to the ones you have posted. My kids need it for school. I went to kultura but they didn’t have. Thank!


  4. Hi i have a Bruxelles 1900 doll, i was given it by a friend. i wonder do you know if it worth anything.
    she has a pink victorian style dress with lace trimming. a cream hat with floers on the right side. pearl earings and pearl buttons. she holds the Bruxelles 1900 banner in her right hand and an umbrella in the left hand.


    • Hi Hannah thanks for dropping by! Regarding your question, I wish I have an answer, but I’m not familiar with the Bruxelles Doll, although I have posted here one, but mine are just cheap souvenir dolls maybe from the 70s also given to me. Since you said it’s from the 1900s, then it must worth an amount. It will be easier if it has the trademark of the manufacturer.
      Try http://collectdolls.about.com or ebay (Germany, UK) or the dollreference.com hope this helps 😉


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