Hello World!  Happy New Year!

I was busy and still am!  Missed posting last Christmas and New Year, Valentine is coming and yet, I don’t feel motivated to set up and photo shoot my dolls.  But I do go to toy stores whenever I have the time and look around to see if there’s anything new.  I have taken pictures of the ones that captures my fancy, but I have already made a promise to myself that I shall refrain from buying until I have my own display cabinet.

I’m sure a lot of collectors here in the Philippines already have Project MC2 Dolls even before they arrive in our local toy stores.  They’re expensive!  Only these 2 seems OK.

And then, just this afternoon, I was surprised to see a Pullip doll look-a-like or is it a bootleg of another doll?  Anyone reading this, please comment down below and let me know, I’m not updated anymore.


I love how they presented the doll in such colorful packaging!  It made me think twice if its expensive (without looking at the tag of course!) until I noticed a few hits and miss on their face paint.  But all in all, I liked it.  I don’t mind, for the price of Php399.75 (about $7.75) and I’m contemplating on buying one, maybe the purple haired doll, I don’t know.  I tilted the box backward to see if she had sleep-eyes, I wished they do, but nah!

I forgot to check out their names, all I see here is Girl Kaibibi.  Whatever that means, most of the cheap dolls being sold in toy stores has this “Kaibibi” word on their boxes.  Maybe its the name of the manufacturer, not sure, there’s not much info on the box.



MY 70’s Doll Part 6

Does these gets boring?  Part 6 (really?!)

Anyway, next time I’ll try (try!) to maybe just line them up and give them one shot so I can post my Bratz (they’re getting jealous already and getting dusty). 

This is a cheap clone of a Dollikin Doll, she’s made of hollow plastic, although others refer to her as Barbie clone, she looked more like the action girl doll Dollikin.

She’s about same size as Barbie with a terrible hairline!


Despite being made of cheap quality plastic, I liked her curves and her side glancing eyes.  I’d like to think they used a mold that was once used on branded dolls.  Those molds that have been phased out or defective.  No mark except that part on the back of her shoulder where the supposed trademark should be, either they scraped off the lettering  or they have patched up that area of the mold.