Intermission: Not My Dolls

I’m supposed to post my other Takara Dolls, took me quite some time to get them all dressed up for a photo shoot.  However, they will have to wait again for the session because I’ve got a lot of household chores to finish.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some dolly pictures I took from some of my fave toy stores, one of which I “almost” bought as Christmas gift to myself…but I didn’t.


I am still thinking about buying, it must be the hair color!

I’ve always been attracted to big-eyed dolls.



Interesting accessories!

Oh hey!  That’s me!

I’m amused with these ones!  How Cutie aren’t they?  Yes, knock offs!


Lets Get Physical!

And that’s it!




LIL OUTRAGEOUS LITTLE!  The first time I saw these cute mini dolls I don’t need to check who’s product they belong to.  The eyes, body shape, they’re like mini Baby Bratz, except they are much cute and adorable!  They are from MGA Entertainment.  A lot has already been written about these dolls last year, but I only saw them on display at Toys R Us last weekend.  Here in the Philippines they costs Php499.00 plus, so that’s about $10.00 plus and quite expensive for me.

7 Layers of surprise!  Got to check them out.  There are 45 characters, all collectible and my wish is to have Queen Bee, Fresh, and Cosmic Queen.  I don’t have a photo of them, check this MGA Entertainment site.  I love them all!

I was suppose to write about Kong Hei Fat Choi, I couldn’t find the dolls.  Oh well, next time maybe.