11th Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale

Ok, I don’t know what just happened, yesterday I created a post about this, with all pictures and now it’s gone.  It didn’t appear on my blog.  Anyway, I’m gonna have to write it again.


TK’s 11th Warehouse Sale!  I went there last Saturday, the 2nd day, so maybe I missed some good finds, or maybe not.  The exhibitors are getting lesser each year I noticed.  The toys are, well, toys for kids, not the collectible types.  Although I have no plans of buying any, I was quite disappointed and annoyed at the same time.  I can’t understand why some would go with their “babies” in strollers (?!!)  I  mean, this is an event where we expect to be jam packed with people pushing and rushing with their boxes and carts, Hello!!!  A lot also came with their kids in tow, I can’t believe there are some who brought along their dogs!  OMG!

Anyway, I just took some pics and made a short tour around.  I checked out Barbie’s booth, I didn’t find any that interests’ me.  Then I looked for Ban Kee Trading, I was hoping they might have those left over-last pieces stock of Bratz.  From my experience, they usually slashed the price very low for last pieces.

Here are the photos.  I didn’t buy any.  They’re still expensive for me.

And then some.  I almost bought Rahel @ Php300.00 only!

Very few choices compared to the first 3 years!

That’s just about it!


Regal Academy

Been a while since my last post.  As usual.  I haven’t been taking photos of my dolls coz its too hot upstairs!  I don’t like doing it downstairs because I don’t like people watching me while I go crazy setting up.  Anyway, my last visit to a toy store was last month.  I saw nothing much that’s interesting except for these 2 from Mattel.


If they put these up on sale this coming Warehouse Sale, then “maybe” I will get the blue haired, that is, if they tag it at Php500.00 or less.  Not really too eager.

I also saw The Regal Academy dolls which at first I thought were just one of those bootleg dolls,  they looked like Winx Dolls.


At first glance they’re not expensive looking, so I said maybe they’re copy cats, but I was surprised to check out the tag price!  Maybe I’m just not familiar with these tv cartoon characters,  I didn’t find them interesting.  Of course, they are made for children (hello!) so these line will appeal to them.

Below are photos of cheap doll that looked like the old version of Winx Doll with bodies similar to Bratz except for the feet.

Speaking of Bratz, I think they will be next in post.