13th Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale


As the title says, yes, its the yearly sale.  This time around, I went out of curiosity last November 9 with my sister.  Not much dolls, most toys are for boys!  As expected, a lot of shoppers came complete with their babies in strollers, good thing I didn’t notice dogs unlike the previous years.

The customers are provided with pushcarts and net bags for their stash, unlike the previous years where big boxes where used.

Good deals from My Little Pony!


Ayee has these interesting fashion!

These Korean Stewardess dolls tickled my fancy, but I didn’t buy.

She’s no longer my reason for coming…



Let’s see, did I bought something?  I can’t help it, yes I did.  To be continued.

Takara Doll 3

This post features only 1 doll, I have limited time.  I am clueless about her identity.  All I remember was she’s been in the cover of a book, My Favorite Doll Book Series #17.  I don’t have that book, and I’m too lazy to research.  I just want to post her pictures 😉 that’s all.


Not her original outfit, she’s wearing a Barbie longsleeves and Licca cropped khaki pants.

It took me quite some time to fit her boots, having a silicone/NB body, I find it hard to dress her up.



Hopefully next time, I can take photos of at least 3 or all!