Filipina Dolls

This morning I dropped by Robinsons Galleria to undwind with my sister, I remember seeing souvenir dolls in their Philippine Crafts section last year, so I thought of checking them out if they’re still there because I was impressed with the details of their costumes, they’re quite bigger than Barbie. 


Anyway, here are the dolls that I saw.  They have their own stand, and they represent different Philippine Ethnic Costumes for women,  they are tagged at around Php630.00 I think, so that’s about $12.35 and they are smaller than Barbie, maybe 10 inches.  I’m not sure if their bodies are hollow plastic,  the molded hands seemed ok and well defined, although they all have the same facial expression,  I love their outfit!  I was thinking of getting the Mandaya and Yakan Bride, but I don’t have the budget 😉

Early 19th Century Baro’t Saya







She’s a Folkloric Dancer, I forgot to take a picture of the back of her box, so I’m not sure who she is.  She’s the only dancer among the souvenir dolls.  I’m sure there are other types, but they’re not available.

I do not have the link to their website, created by Philcrafts, Inc.

Below is one of their Collector Edition, she’s beautiful!  I forgot to check the price.

And then there are some that are really just for display.



The only Bride Doll I have with a Groom is a Kewpie Doll from Sekiguchi Doll Collection.  Although the company is a manufacturer in Japan, these dolls are made in China.  I forgot to take a photo of the box.  I found this pair MIB (mint in box) I thought they were porcelain.  They are made of hard rubber (I’m not familiar with the type of material but, I can say it has good quality) 5″ height and jointed limbs.  They can make a good wedding cake topper.  



Now I have 4 Kewpies!  The other one which I fondly call Bethonk  and this 3″ mini cool guy below.


To be continued 😉


Loretta Daum Byrne


The name Loretta Daum Byrne is actually the creator/designer of this doll.  Of course this one is another thrift store find a few years ago.  She looked different and Asian looking than that of a Native American Doll as how she was described in ebay.  I think this doll was produced by Fibre Craft tagged as World Friends.

She is 8″ tall, rubberized head fully rooted, hollow plastic body, wears crocheted shorts and dress with a summer hat, I lost the pair of shoe.  She looked more like a Vietnamese.  Of course, since she’s a craft doll, anyone can dress her up and turn her into anything like a souvenir doll in different costume.

Princess Zara!

Let me introduce to you Princess Zara of Zaboomga.  She is a limited edition doll created for the benefit of Sickle Cell Anemia research.  Made in China for Princess Zara Inc. Elmhurst, NY 11373. 


She’s a thrift store find last year, sealed in her box, NRFB, until only just recently when I posted her for sale online, I need to know her flaws for the benefit of the would be buyers.  So I have to unbox her.  It includes 1 Jewelry Box, 1 Hairbush, a CD but I guess, it doesn’t play.

When I found her, I didn’t think twice buying her because I liked AA dolls, and she’s ethnic, different from the usual model muse dolls.  A little expensive than the average thrift store nude dolls I usually buy.  Since she’s sealed, I wasn’t really able to check her for defects. 

Her face is made of hard rubber, her head is rooted along hairline only (I think) not sure coz I don’t want to tinker on her ‘do, that’s her crowning glory, I didn’t want to ruin the twisted hairstyle.  She has TNT body, the material they used on her body is similar to the cheap Barbie clones being sold in department stores.  Her legs & knees are bendable, they are not like those thin legs of clone dolls, but, alas! 

These are manufacturing defects, the knees can bend yes only at some extent, but the vinyl (skin) is damaged.  Actually, we usually call it “short shots” wherein the legs were taken out of the mold without waiting for the proper time for it to fully form. 

Some plastic flash on her arms not fully trimmed. 

My apology Princess Zara, I have to disrobe you!

Why am I selling her along with another AA doll?  I am cash strapped right now, plus, I might have to let go of at least half of my collection.  Although not really final decision.  Just another thought because I have not much playtime anymore.

Ginny Dolls

Created by the Vogue Doll Company in 1977 is the 8″ Irish Girl from their “Far Away Lands” series with painted on eyes.  Vinyl head (fully rooted) and arms, torso and legs are not the typical hard plastic, its more of hard vinyl, I’m not that familiar with the types of plastics. 

Skinny Ginny

The Vogue Doll company has had transitions, and so as the dolls.  Lesney Corporation and Tonka has bought the rights to produce Ginny Dolls.  Since I am not a historian he-he-he, I will just share a link for anyone who’s interested check this Kaylee’s Korner. 


I let Skinny Ginny wear the handmade Victorian dress that Dinah-Mite was wearing on top of her Happy Hippy outfit when I found her.  Skinny originally wears the red dress with lace apron, white shoes and stockings.  She’s probably from the  same Far Away Lands series but I don’t know which country she represents, maybe Dutch Girl?

My 70’s Doll Part 4!

An overdue post.  Last week I was able to dig in to my boxes and I find it hard to look for the other dolls coz I’m so disorganized with my collections.  So this post might contain dolls that are not from the 70’s maybe early 80’s.


Yes, these dolls came from the early 80’s and has a lot of names.  She could be Betty, Rita, Debbie or Gloria.  I only remember Gloria’s furniture being sold here in our country a long time ago, but never saw the doll.  I liked the quality/material they used for the head, it feels hard and sturdy.

Only one is original, the other two are clones.



These dolls came from the 70’s and I found them in a thrift store.  I bought them because they remind me of my childhood. 

Hongkong Dolls

I have no info about these dolls except they are all made in Hong Kong.  The two are made of cheap hollow hard plastic, while the doll in the middle is made by Playmates as one of Doll of All Nation.  I just don’t know which series she belongs to.



To be continued.

Kung Hei Fat Choi 2016

Better late than never.

Anyway, I only have 4 Chinese dolls.  I’ve already featured the Chinese Empress Barbie, Mulan, The Lotus Dancer, and now meet Bun bun, well it’s not really her name.  I have no idea who she is, so I thought of giving her that because of the hair bun on the right side of her head.

I found her in a thrift store sometime last year.  She was inside a plastic wrapped in a paper, no box.  I got curious so I asked the clerk to unwrap it for me.  The arms dangled and fell off.  The clerk avoided looking at me, pretended like nothing happened and tried to push the limbs back.  Well, I know it wouldn’t and will not because it’s a string doll.  I got worried she might do more harm so I told her never mind, I’ll buy it.  I found her interesting because of her costume, body structure and yes, her hairstyle.

I don’t know from what year she was made, she certainly looked old to me.


She’s about 7″ tall


Her body is made of wood.  The limbs has wire that serves as hooks to pull them in place with an elastic band.


One bun on her right


A braid on the left side


Her head is made of wood and was painted on.  It wasn’t an ordinary paint, and the stain seems to come from underneath.  The cracks made her looked like a porcelain doll.






I was out of touch for quite some time.  My 70’s doll posts was left hanging due to my inability to keep my storage organized, meaning to say, I forgot where I put most of my old dolls.  I only have big carton boxes where I toss them and forget them, now they got all mixed up.  

I’ve decided to write about my Oz character collections instead, and will get back to my 70’s doll in my future post.

In my pasts thrift store hopping, there was a time when all I could find are Oz characters by Mcdonalds.  I’m not into mini dolls, but got interested because the designs are based from Madam Alexander collections, a doll company that started in 1923. 

I love how McDonalds was able to present mini versions that are not cheap looking.  I mean, they’re included in Happy Meals, so they have to consider the manufacturing costs to fit the budget meal altogether.

One by one I was able to collect some of the characters released from different years.  So, just when I thought I got all of them ready to walk down yellow brick road….alas!  I realized I missed the Wizard!  I googled how the Wizard of Oz looked like, I was like….Oh man!  So I’ve already crossed path with the wizard! Dang!

He was wearing a green suit, I remember I found one years ago but left him at the counter last minute because I didn’t know who he was!  I picked the Mad Hatter doll instead!

Madame Alexander’s Wizard of Oz by McDonalds 2007 and 2008





This is my favorite version of their Dorothy because she looked like an antique bisque doll.  She has this facial expression I liked.