I…? What…?

When was my last post?  I’m stressed these past few months, seems like I’m loosing interest in dolls, there’s a time when I want to sell all my dolls to get rid of the clutter.  Did I say “clutter?”  Do I see them now as such?  I’ve watched a youtube video of Anna Akana saying something like (well, not the exact word) “hold the item in your hands, if you still feel a spark, keep it, if none, then give it away.”

Midlife crisis?  But I’m 6 years short of being a senior citizen!

MA Dorothy

When I’m done posting all my dolls, I shall stop.  Right now, Dorothy needs the Wizard to get back on track.



Last July (or August?) I took time out to revisit that favorite thrift store of just about every doll collector here in Manila, the MSM American Surplus at Scout Borromeo in Quezon City.

Just relieving stress after a work week, plus I have an excuse to drop by Taco Bell afterwards 😉 just one station away.  Been a long time since I went there, I was hoping to find a vintage doll maybe.  The place looked the same, nothing has changed, except that they are now selling some toys in bundles, wrapped in plastic bags, if you happen to liked one item inside the pack, then you will have to buy the whole stuff.

Anyway, I saw a lot of vinyl dolls, yes Barbie dolls too.  The damaged ones were placed near the entrance, and the good ones are stacked inside.

There were probably more than 50 dolls there which I really took the time to check out each, hoping to find an unusual or rare one.  None of them stirred my curiosity, except for one, but she’s too big!

Patty Playpal

A lifesize Patti Playpal Doll by Ideal, as big as a 3 year old girl.  She still looked beautiful despite the faded skin tone, missing one leg and the bad hair day look she’s sporting.  They tied her up at the post near the entrance like a witch about to be burned!  The clerk probably noticed me staring and checking the doll longer than the usual, she yelled from behind the stacks of kitchen utensils, ma’m her leg is missing!  Of course I can see that!  She probably lost her leg when she came here, not the whole leg, based from the remaining broken part, it seems the damage is just new.  Poor doll, I wonder who is the original owner, does she know what happened to her “play pal?”


Her angelic face is almost flawless,  I don’t know if she’s the walking doll type from the 1960’s. 


She’s vintage, but I don’t collect big dolls, after watching Annabel movie?  I’m sure the people at home will not like the idea.  Maybe if I’m the type of collector who knows how to repair or restore why not?