Kung Hei Fat Choi 2016

Better late than never.

Anyway, I only have 4 Chinese dolls.  I’ve already featured the Chinese Empress Barbie, Mulan, The Lotus Dancer, and now meet Bun bun, well it’s not really her name.  I have no idea who she is, so I thought of giving her that because of the hair bun on the right side of her head.

I found her in a thrift store sometime last year.  She was inside a plastic wrapped in a paper, no box.  I got curious so I asked the clerk to unwrap it for me.  The arms dangled and fell off.  The clerk avoided looking at me, pretended like nothing happened and tried to push the limbs back.  Well, I know it wouldn’t and will not because it’s a string doll.  I got worried she might do more harm so I told her never mind, I’ll buy it.  I found her interesting because of her costume, body structure and yes, her hairstyle.

I don’t know from what year she was made, she certainly looked old to me.


She’s about 7″ tall


Her body is made of wood.  The limbs has wire that serves as hooks to pull them in place with an elastic band.


One bun on her right


A braid on the left side


Her head is made of wood and was painted on.  It wasn’t an ordinary paint, and the stain seems to come from underneath.  The cracks made her looked like a porcelain doll.







Some of my 70s dolls are not the collectible type, so most of them are unbranded and cheaply made, but I love them anyway. 


I found this doll in a thrift store and in good condition.  She’s all hollow plastic with only the head made of rubber which I can surmise to be same material as those being used during the 70’s.  She has a twist n turn waist, jointed legs and arms, the neck has the ball knob type to connect/plug the head.  I think she’s a souvenir doll.


I’m not sure if these are from the 70’s but surely resembles those dolls made by Sekiguchi during the 70’s.  My sister gave these to me and I could not remember the date.  Maybe late 70’s because during the time, I remember a lot of dolls being sold in set of 3s.  Although they seem to be clones, they are still made in Japan.  All rubber with fully rooted head.



I found this doll in Cubao at Desibel (thrift store) it’s near MRT Cubao Station fronting Tropical Hut sometime in 2013.  She’s still in her plastic packaging, NRFB.  I remember seeing one like this nude in MSM I thought it was an Asian edition of Barbie but up close, nope, the head mold is flat, meaning to say her face features are not well defined. I’m clueless regarding her identity so I nixed the idea of buying.

Anyway, I’ve crossed path again with this Asian looking doll.  Standing alone on top of the shelf, probably waiting for her flight (or me?) he he he.  I stared for a while, I was murmuring, shall I take her with me or not?  I was actually hoping for a Takara Jenny doll.  But since she has traveled far and presented herself to me with all the info, why not.

She’s a special edition doll from Cathay Pacific’s “Follow The Crew Dolls” contest in 2009 (info here) which showcases the airline’s historical uniforms for the past 63 years, see them all here.  I got the year 1974-1983.

I wasn’t able to check her name.  Anyway, she has her own stand, her legs (not bendable) are lightly sprayed with black paint to make it looked like she’s wearing stockings, belly button type of body, black pump shoes & rubberized hat.  Her uniform is well made, not cheap or sloppy.  Her garment is well constructed inside out.

I liked how they packed the doll.  The neck is secured by a thick plastic strip not the usual pvc coated wire (that could hurt the doll? he he he) and her stand is not the type that easily breaks.  The doll’s head is protected by a molded plastic (sorry no close-up) attached to the stand. Call me ignorant but first time a I see a doll packed this way. 

Ni hau ma?!


Late last year (yes, last year) one of the major toy stores here in the Philippines which is Toy Kingdom, had their annual warehouse sale.  I have no intentions whatsoever of buying any toy or doll stuff or dolls.  I just want to pass the time, relieve stress, so I took a peek, quickly scan the sale items.  I felt a tinge of excitement when I saw Takara items like Licca Chan and Mi-ki Chan!  So as expected, I gave in to some items that are hard to pass.  Almost 50% off!

Licca Chan's Dress

I have not tried them on yet.  That would be for future post. 

Also I was able to collect Elly wardrobes.  They are almost the same size as Licca Chan’s but are made of cheap materials and low quality finishing but are cute enough to pass as collectibles.  I bought these from Daiso in Glorietta Makati.  These are much cheaper than Takara Tomy’s so I hoard some. 

Elly is a Doll manufactured for DAISO.  She’s about the size (age) as Licca, but a bit smaller and is made of hollow plastic.  I do remember seeing some in thrift stores but was not that appealing to me.  Anyway, I immediately tried the school uniform to see if they fit Licca. 

Licca ChanAnd they did fit.  The shoes that came with the dress are small, I forced one shoe and it did, but I don’t want Licca to develop a disfigured feet later on so I just let her wear her original ankle length boots.  I wouldn’t recommend also allowing her to wear those black knee high socks for long.  It will stain her legs in the long run.  All in all, it looked cute!  I thought it’s a 4-piece ensemble, skirt-blouse-vest-bow, but I was amazed when I turned it inside out (sorry no picture)  they were bits and pieces of fabric sewn together!  Yay!


Nope!  I’ve not run out of dolls to post, something’s wrong with the cam I’m using so I was not able to take pictures of my valentine post.  Anyway, it’s too early for that.  I want to take note of the dolls I saw in some toy stores.  Slowly catching up with Barb!  Soon you can never tell the difference.

This Princess looks expensive because of her majestic box.

DSC02804 DSC02803 DSC02802

Look she has her own Ken…ny!  Even if he’s cheaply made, the next day I went back to the store, he’s gone!  Never to be seen again.

IMG_20140919_111354_1 IMG_20140919_111334 IMG_20140919_111306

I remember Jess is the first doll I saw in toy stores years ago that resembles Barbie.  So they revived her?

DSC02798 DSC02797Fashion Fever wannabe?


Just a little more adjustment on the legs and you’ll look like Chic Teresa 2006! If Barbie won’t look at your legs, she wouldn’t be able to know the difference!


Go forth and multiply!  I’m not saying all of them are trying to copy or clone Barbie.  I’d say the manufacturers just took the fabrication to the next level using the concept that is more saleable in the market.  You know, bendable arms & legs, slimmer figure, a doll that wears fashionable clothing complete with accessories. 


LET IT GO 2 (They bid goodbye…)

Been sorting every now and then thru my collections and while doing so, my mind wondered off to those dolls I sold.  Kinda feel sad sometimes.  I don’t want to forget them totally so I’m gonna post each doll’s last picture as a remembrance.  I know time will come that I may not be able to write about them, or post pictures, or even answer comments.  So these shall serve as a remembrance of each and every doll I once owned, they will forever be a part of memories that I will surely love reminiscing.


Let It Go…

There are times we have to let go of things because we don’t find them useful anymore, or we’ve grown weary seeing same stuff everyday, or they’ve become broken, damaged, etc.

But, this is not in my case, I have decided to let go “some” of my dolls because my priorities and interests are slowly (but not surely) veering toward a different direction.  I do not have much time to manage and maintain them in tip top shape, I don’t have a display cabinet, we do not have much space at home & to see them going to a point of deterioration is something I don’t want to happen.  I felt they are better off to a new home where they can truly serve their purpose, to be played with and bring joy to young girls.

I do not want to use the word “dispose” because most of the dolls I sold are dear to me.  They’re my babies & have been with me for quite sometime, I hope the new owners would really take good care of them.  Selling my collection does not mean I’m gonna stop blogging about dolls.  There’s still a lot of thoughts about them that I want to put in writing.  My dolls may not be considered highly collectible as compared to the dolls of a real collector whose collections usually consists of expensive high end ones. Mine spans from expensive to not so expensive to the cheapest type.