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The continuing thoughts…

Oh just because Barbie is one of my favorites doesn’t mean she’s saved from my scrutiny.  I hated the 2009 (?) Barbie.  And I didn’t like how they’ve changed Barbs eyes, I kinda liked the wide eyed look of the early 80’s. 


Most of the dolls that Mattel produced in the succeeding years has this face, I didn’t like the wide open mouth and the lifeless flat eyes.  But then again, of course, these are made for young girls to be played with and maybe these type appeals to them, not for oldies like me ha ha ha!

I wish Barbie will stay like this forever.  The Superstar Barbie!


These types are ok.  Forever young!

Or how about using any of these as the new face of Barbie!




Nope!  I’ve not run out of dolls to post, something’s wrong with the cam I’m using so I was not able to take pictures of my valentine post.  Anyway, it’s too early for that.  I want to take note of the dolls I saw in some toy stores.  Slowly catching up with Barb!  Soon you can never tell the difference.

This Princess looks expensive because of her majestic box.

DSC02804 DSC02803 DSC02802

Look she has her own Ken…ny!  Even if he’s cheaply made, the next day I went back to the store, he’s gone!  Never to be seen again.

IMG_20140919_111354_1 IMG_20140919_111334 IMG_20140919_111306

I remember Jess is the first doll I saw in toy stores years ago that resembles Barbie.  So they revived her?

DSC02798 DSC02797Fashion Fever wannabe?


Just a little more adjustment on the legs and you’ll look like Chic Teresa 2006! If Barbie won’t look at your legs, she wouldn’t be able to know the difference!


Go forth and multiply!  I’m not saying all of them are trying to copy or clone Barbie.  I’d say the manufacturers just took the fabrication to the next level using the concept that is more saleable in the market.  You know, bendable arms & legs, slimmer figure, a doll that wears fashionable clothing complete with accessories. 


When I was just starting to collect dolls, my only source was Toy Kingdom, then came Toys “R” Us, and tried my luck in Greenhills.  But as time goes by, the prices of dolls are becoming incredibly high.  It’s frustrating not being able to afford dolls that other collectors could easily buy in a snap, no sweat! 

So, drool is all I can do LOL!  Anyway, when Toy Kingdom announces it’s first ever Toy Warehouse Sale, I felt so excited, a glitter of hope for a cash-strapped-collector like me!  Since then, I’m always on the look out for year-end sale, holiday sale, and warehouse sale. But that was four years ago, I found a new haven where I can afford more dolls, thrift stores!

Who would have thought that dolls are also being sold in thrift stores.  These places usually sell old clothes, shoes and bags.  I learned about it when I entered a thrift store, out of curiosity, and the rest is history.  One of my first thrift store doll is Blythe doll “Rosie Red” which I posted years ago.  I usually go thrifting on weekends and spend about 5 hours of hopping from one store to another, in short, I got addicted.  My sister asked me how did I know which store sells dolls? Of course, Google helped me a lot.  I visited forums, read blogs, eavesdrop on conversation of fellow addicts inside the store or by having a small chat with them has been my source of information.  But honestly speaking, I rarely chat inside the store.  Not everyone is willing to share “treasure maps” like there’s this silent rule among collectors not to divulge too much info, otherwise, you’ll end up empty handed, and gain competition among hoarders.  Check out this post to know what I mean The One That Got Away!

Anyway, I’m always careful and I double check. You don’t just believe everything you read or hear.  One should be able to discern if the place is real, existing, and safe to roam around because some people can be misleading (intentionally or not) it’s “go at your own risk.”  So, it’s advisable (and more fun) to have friends thrifting with us.

These are my favorite thrift stores.


DESIBEL RTW is located near MRT Cubao Station in front of Tropical Hut

MSM SURPLUSMSM SURPLUS used to be near Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, but they have transferred at the back of SSS office where the market area is, fronting the flower vendors.


AMERICAN DEPOT located at the corner of Edsa and Scout Borromeo near MRT GMA Kamuning Station, the main office/warehouse of MSM Surplus.  I rarely visit this store because only a few people walk the stretch from the station to the corner of Scout.  Not ideal to be alone.

MSM Surplus located at C.M. Recto near National Bookstore and Japan Surplus.  I don’t remember any store sign.

The building they call “ukay haven” because it has a lot of thrift stores from the ground floor to the 4th floor.  They have furniture, clothes, shoes, bags, stuff toys, hard toys, and yes, dolls too!  Located near Anonas LRT 2 Station, I don’t remember the name of the building, but it is situated between Anson Supermarket and St. Joseph Church.  Again, not an enticing place due to a number of street children, beggars and speeding jeepneys. I visited thrice and never went back.

The thrift store (no name) located near/front of McDonald’s PRC branch in J.P. Rizal St. Makati also “used” to sell good stuff because this is where I found those Barbie Fashion Avenue clothes.  But ever since they changed the management (and store personnel) the tag pricing has increased, and most of the toys are not much of the collectible types anymore, it is now WCHA FASHION HOUSE.  

So far, these are the stores where I got most of the 2nd hand dolls I now have in my collections.  I’m sure there are other collectors out there who knows a lot more than I do when it comes to thrift stores.  I am not anymore as addicted as before.  I have decided to stop.  However, I shall continue to post about the dolls I have hoarded.

Just a reminder to anyone who’d stumble upon my site, or might have read this, please always have your friends to accompany you specially when it’s your first time to go to any of the places I mentioned.  The last time I visited these places was a year ago.  Google if you must.  Happy thrifting!

A few shots to drool on ;-P

Let It Go…

There are times we have to let go of things because we don’t find them useful anymore, or we’ve grown weary seeing same stuff everyday, or they’ve become broken, damaged, etc.

But, this is not in my case, I have decided to let go “some” of my dolls because my priorities and interests are slowly (but not surely) veering toward a different direction.  I do not have much time to manage and maintain them in tip top shape, I don’t have a display cabinet, we do not have much space at home & to see them going to a point of deterioration is something I don’t want to happen.  I felt they are better off to a new home where they can truly serve their purpose, to be played with and bring joy to young girls.

I do not want to use the word “dispose” because most of the dolls I sold are dear to me.  They’re my babies & have been with me for quite sometime, I hope the new owners would really take good care of them.  Selling my collection does not mean I’m gonna stop blogging about dolls.  There’s still a lot of thoughts about them that I want to put in writing.  My dolls may not be considered highly collectible as compared to the dolls of a real collector whose collections usually consists of expensive high end ones. Mine spans from expensive to not so expensive to the cheapest type.


Remembering Mattel…Philippines

It was in the 80’s after I graduated from college that I decided to give it a try working in a factory since it was much easier to get hired than looking for a white collared job that usually requires experience and…a backer (a somebody inside a company who can back you up.)

Anyway, Mattel Philippines, Inc. or MPI as how we call it then used to have its factory in Barrio Ugong, Pasig City which is just a short distance ride from our place.  I can’t help but reminisce the days I spent working there each time I happen to pass by on my way to Tiendesita’s (shopping center) or taking my shortcut going to Cubao.  A college friend encouraged me to try, she works as a face painter.



I was assigned at the Injection Section, the armature area, then  transferred as a deflasher (trimmer of excess plastic material) where I became one of the fastest deflasher of accessories in our shift during that time. Me and my operator partner always reach our daily quota & most times, we even go beyond that. Our teamwork pays off.  Mattel never fails to give credit to employees who works hard, we were given free meals at the canteen, gift checks, and a Top Performer Doll as our trophy which is a Barbie doll dressed up in our very own uniform, or whatever is the latest edition that year.



Anyway, later on, I became an operator too (Injection Molding Machine) and was good at it.  Months before Mattel closed its operations in the Philippines, I was personally chosen by the Head of Quality Control in our shift to be trained as a QC, but of course, it didn’t take off.  There’s a looming labor dispute.  And the rest is history, I was heartbroken.  I enjoyed working in Mattel, but I belong to the batch of neophytes having worked for 2 years only.  Surely most of my batch mate would rather accept whatever reconciliation was being offered to us during that time just to keep our (my first) job.  But the voice of the old timers have more weight (majority wins) who are we to oppose?  So we have no other recourse but to join the picket line.


I was wondering, now where did all those weekly deduction of “union dues” went to?  I don’t remember being given any notice or refund, neither being given free meals at the picket line, or maybe I’ve missed it…darn!!

86 TOP PERFORMERTo follow, 3 more dolls 😉


Mei Ling The Lotus Dancer

Mei Ling The Lotus Dancer

By China Sprout (she’s in the background, not wearing original dress)