Thoughts On (2)

The continuing thoughts…

Oh just because Barbie is one of my favorites doesn’t mean she’s saved from my scrutiny.  I hated the 2009 (?) Barbie.  And I didn’t like how they’ve changed Barbs eyes, I kinda liked the wide eyed look of the early 80’s. 


Most of the dolls that Mattel produced in the succeeding years has this face, I didn’t like the wide open mouth and the lifeless flat eyes.  But then again, of course, these are made for young girls to be played with and maybe these type appeals to them, not for oldies like me ha ha ha!

I wish Barbie will stay like this forever.  The Superstar Barbie!


These types are ok.  Forever young!

Or how about using any of these as the new face of Barbie!



Nope!  I’ve not run out of dolls to post, something’s wrong with the cam I’m using so I was not able to take pictures of my valentine post.  Anyway, it’s too early for that.  I want to take note of the dolls I saw in some toy stores.  Slowly catching up with Barb!  Soon you can never tell the difference.

This Princess looks expensive because of her majestic box.

DSC02804 DSC02803 DSC02802

Look she has her own Ken…ny!  Even if he’s cheaply made, the next day I went back to the store, he’s gone!  Never to be seen again.

IMG_20140919_111354_1 IMG_20140919_111334 IMG_20140919_111306

I remember Jess is the first doll I saw in toy stores years ago that resembles Barbie.  So they revived her?

DSC02798 DSC02797Fashion Fever wannabe?


Just a little more adjustment on the legs and you’ll look like Chic Teresa 2006! If Barbie won’t look at your legs, she wouldn’t be able to know the difference!


Go forth and multiply!  I’m not saying all of them are trying to copy or clone Barbie.  I’d say the manufacturers just took the fabrication to the next level using the concept that is more saleable in the market.  You know, bendable arms & legs, slimmer figure, a doll that wears fashionable clothing complete with accessories.