11th Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale

Ok, I don’t know what just happened, yesterday I created a post about this, with all pictures and now it’s gone.  It didn’t appear on my blog.  Anyway, I’m gonna have to write it again.


TK’s 11th Warehouse Sale!  I went there last Saturday, the 2nd day, so maybe I missed some good finds, or maybe not.  The exhibitors are getting lesser each year I noticed.  The toys are, well, toys for kids, not the collectible types.  Although I have no plans of buying any, I was quite disappointed and annoyed at the same time.  I can’t understand why some would go with their “babies” in strollers (?!!)  I  mean, this is an event where we expect to be jam packed with people pushing and rushing with their boxes and carts, Hello!!!  A lot also came with their kids in tow, I can’t believe there are some who brought along their dogs!  OMG!

Anyway, I just took some pics and made a short tour around.  I checked out Barbie’s booth, I didn’t find any that interests’ me.  Then I looked for Ban Kee Trading, I was hoping they might have those left over-last pieces stock of Bratz.  From my experience, they usually slashed the price very low for last pieces.

Here are the photos.  I didn’t buy any.  They’re still expensive for me.

And then some.  I almost bought Rahel @ Php300.00 only!

Very few choices compared to the first 3 years!

That’s just about it!

Cheap Barbie Dolls

About 2 weeks ago I made a short trip to the toy store just to unwind and see what’s up with Barbie.  These dolls have caught my attention because they are cheap at Ph399.75 so thats about $8.00!


I do not know how they call these teen looking edition Barbie Dolls with straight arms, probably a belly button body and non-bendable legs.  I was surprised they used these facemolds for this line and that makes them interesting, well, at least for me they are.  I almost bought one!


I am particularly attracted to this one, maybe because of the hair? The ghostlike skintone? Or maybe because of her eyes.  I think she’s cute.


To buy or not to buy?  I think I’ll pass.  I might save for the Daisy Pop Curvy Barbie Fashionista No. 48 instead.


Photo courtesy of The Barbie Collection