I’ve been trying to sort my pictures for quite some time and was overwhelmed by the number of photos I have taken of my dolls and other stuff.  I realized that my dolls have more fashionable clothing than I do yaaay!

Posting them here is one way of doing my inventory (aside from showing off he… he…he) and serves as a reminder for me.  Sometimes I forget ever buying or owning certain dolls, or that I have bought new clothes, or shoes for my dolls.  I am not a well organized person.  Usually when I made purchases,  I will just toss them inside my treasure chest when I reach home and forget about it the next day.  I often tell myself, I will post my haul according to date I found them.  But of course, I wasn’t able to.  I’m not lazy, I just don’t have that much time after work.  Now, my pictures got all mixed up.  I need to double check if I already posted them or not.  So, if anyone sees double posts here, umm… skip, LOL!

Barbie's Fashion and AccessoriesI do not know when I found these, but they are stuffed in one plastic bag which is is not even neatly packed, unnoticed and lying on the floor along with stuff toys.  When I go to thrift stores, it has become a habit of mine “not to leave any stones unturned” or in this case, I made sure I have peeped inside all those plastics, boxes, baskets and bins before I leave.  Of course if it’s sealed, I would ask the sales clerk to open it for me.  If you break it, you pay for it.

Assorted Barbie Items

This one comes with a doll inside, fully resealed with packaging tape so I wasn’t sure if the contents are same as what is pictured on the box (not a window box) quite heavy and I don’t hear any loose object juggling inside when I shook it.  So I just trusted my instinct, I immediately paid for it and went off because there were a lot of addicts (thrift store addicts!) inside the store and I don’t want them ogling at my loot hmp!


This set is also from a thrift store.  What has attracted me to buy the pack is not the Barbie outfits but the bell bottom pants & orange 3/4 sleeved top that looks like from the1970’s fashion and I like the 70’s trend.

The price? Bargain! I can’t tell coz I’m a seller too! ;-P

Abandon Sew!

I have been away for quite some time, as always.  I’ve been contemplating on what to do first, my summer dolls? June brides? Oh yes, for the Philippine Independence day, I’ve long been wanting to create a Filipiniana inspired dress.  That means it should be ready before the event, but, easier said than…done!

Magic Moves Barbie as my model.
Magic Moves Barbie as my model.

I’m not only late,  I don’t even know how to draft patterns or where to start, I already have a design inside my head, I have selected my fabric, gather my accessories.  Watch and read tutorials on dressmaking, but I am not a fast learner, I hate reading instructions.  So tried a few shortcuts.  Tracing directly from Barbie’s clothes, but I changed my mind.  So I used the one similar to draping method (I forgot to take a picture of that.) and I think, and I hope, it will fit!


I cut out the pieces, exact size, I’ll just add seam allowance as I cut my fabric, and the rest I relied on my imagination.


Of all the fabrics I could use, I realized what I chose are the ones that are harder to sew!  For starters?  I must be nuts!


And I am ready to sew!  I think so!

I took out my Singer Tiny Tailor which I bought 2 years ago from a thrift store, paid about $20.00!  I was excited when I found this because it seems new, with manual, certificate and all accessories still complete!


I have already used this twice and it was ok, I can bear the noise and the knocking sound it creates,  and this is the third time I’m gonna be using it.  Lo and behold!  the bobbin thread refused to cooperate!  It doesn’t catch up!  I read the instruction for adjustments, la la la!  But nothing, I even tried the advices online, lower the needle, change the needle, change the thread, adjust bobbin case, etc. none of these worked!  Except maybe for one, change the sewing machine!!!


And so I did!  I took out another thrift store find, costs me $2.00, it had the presser foot and bobbin, all other accessories missing already.  There’s no manual and I couldn’t understand what was printed at the other side of the box because it’s in Chinese or Korean characters.  Anyway, this one worked, but my problems are uneven & loose thread, thread easily breaks from the needle, and I am growing weary, tired, impatient and I don’t want to go thru a lot of tutorials and advices again.  Whew!

If I sell these machine, will someone be interested?  Just a thought.  When all else fails……..ABANDON SEW!!!

Well, for the meantime maybe.  I still have one option, my old manual sewing machine.  But this will be some other time.  So to change my mood a bit, I took a shot of Monster High Nefera De Nile Doll which I found also in a thrift store 3 months ago.  I’ve been wanting to have even just one of these Monster High Dolls but they are expensive here, last December I bought copy cats which I will post some other day.



Sew this is it!