Christmas Doll Gift….from myself!

I haven’t been posting for sometime.  My days since the onset of holidays have been mostly wasted on traffic going home from the office.  Haven’t the time to make an after office stroll in the mall.  Anyway, the much anticipated vacation finally came and I was able to appease my tired weary self by buying a cheap doll.  Well she’s not really that cheap.  I paid Php329.75 so that’s about $7.37, I said cheap because she’s not a regular playline doll that has any distinct brand name like that of Mattel to Barbie, Spinmaster to Liv, etc. that releases new series every time and yet still maintain the character of their dolls.

This one is from Shiner Toys, made in China.  She’s about same size as Barbie’s, and she’s called ZOMBIE PRINCESS!  There were at least 6 types or models I think.  They’re supposedly the Zombie counterpart of the Disney Princess (I think but not indicated in the box) so here are the pics.

I have not deboxed her yet, so I do not know how her body looks like.  I assumed she’s the counterpart of Rapunzel having that type of hairstyle.  I chose this one because the color match ups made her looked collectible and expensive, and violet is my fave color.  The stitches on both sides of her mouth which I found to be simple but cute, the eyes made of synthetic glass plastic.  Next, I shall post her out of the box, plus those other zombie dolls.


About 2 weeks ago I dropped by a toy store to unwind and at the same time check if there are new dolls.  I have long promised myself that I would never buy anymore dolls, and am able to hold on to this.  Anyway, here are the dolls that caught my attention, another set of copycats.

These dolls are of course, much cheaper than the original, but with very good packaging.

Copycats, how amusing!  I sort of took a fancy and almost broke my promise!  Good thing I don’t have enough dough that time.

They’re Made in China.  ;-P