Intermission: Not My Dolls

I’m supposed to post my other Takara Dolls, took me quite some time to get them all dressed up for a photo shoot.  However, they will have to wait again for the session because I’ve got a lot of household chores to finish.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some dolly pictures I took from some of my fave toy stores, one of which I “almost” bought as Christmas gift to myself…but I didn’t.


I am still thinking about buying, it must be the hair color!

I’ve always been attracted to big-eyed dolls.



Interesting accessories!

Oh hey!  That’s me!

I’m amused with these ones!  How Cutie aren’t they?  Yes, knock offs!


Lets Get Physical!

And that’s it!


Takara Doll 3

This post features only 1 doll, I have limited time.  I am clueless about her identity.  All I remember was she’s been in the cover of a book, My Favorite Doll Book Series #17.  I don’t have that book, and I’m too lazy to research.  I just want to post her pictures 😉 that’s all.


Not her original outfit, she’s wearing a Barbie longsleeves and Licca cropped khaki pants.

It took me quite some time to fit her boots, having a silicone/NB body, I find it hard to dress her up.



Hopefully next time, I can take photos of at least 3 or all!