Like most people, I have a favorite toy from my childhood which I keep to this day.  Actually, I am already a teenager when my parents gave me this doll.  I am not sure if he is an original Kewpie Doll, he has no markings, just a red apron with a Japanese character written on it and I do not know what that means (i lost the apron).  I call him “Bethonk.”  It’s actually from the comic character which was famous then in our place, THONK the robot and his human daughter Bebe.  Anyway, he is my transition doll, given to me just before I graduate from high school.  After having played with a lot of  ordinary cheap plastic dolls, i moved on to the type of dolls that are not really meant to be played with, something collectible of sort….(well, I still play with Bethonk,  sometimes, when I’m feelin’ tired and low, I will just embrace him and my cares seems to vanish…has an uplifting effect).