A Monstrous Decision

Wow! The holidays went by so fast, the New Year celebration is over, and I have not had a post for that.  Anywayz, I can always go back in time, make it a delayed post, whatever.

Two weeks ago I had the chance to make a short trip at Toys R’ Us,  I was trying hard not to, but the child in me kept cheering Go! Go! Go!  It happens when I don’t feel OK.   I have no plans of buying anything, just want to know what’s new, I didn’t find anything amusing in the Barbie world.  However, I did saw a few Monster High Dolls on sale for 70% off!   That’s Php500.00 to be exact.  I am not a big fan of MH, but I must say there are quite a few that has caught my fancy in the past but never really keen on getting one.  When MH first came out in the market, I have these feelings they were the monsterized version of…Bratz!  But after a while, yeah, they have their own identity to boot.  But I also love Bratz (coming soon here).

So there I was, amazed at the Monsters in front of me, I began to check each and every box on the shelf, 3 dolls appealed to me.  I was talking to myself “don’t buy, no, don’t touch, no”  LOL!  


I first saw Ghoulia Yelps, I liked her for the blue tresses, simple, with eyeglasses and what looked like a child’s teether!


Then there’s Twyla, again the hair attracts me, the over all color combination and her outfit, I love it!

And last, Clawdeen Wolf!  I was amused by this one because she have sleep eyes, and she howls! 

After lining them up eye level on the shelf, I asked myself, should I buy one?  After all, I still have not gotten a Christmas gift for myself.  If I buy,  which one should I get?  I have to restrict myself and stick to my budget, I can’t afford all 3 anyway.

Indeed a monstrous decision to make!

To be continued 🙂



As written behind the box of Begoths doll.


Experience the cutting edge of the gothic culture with Bleeding Edge™ Series 4! 

Bleeding Edge™ presents to you more sultry sirens for your viewing pleasure and superb collection.  As promised before, the macabre factory of doll creators have returned with much more to fill your appetite for all things Goth!  Don’t be surprised to see a fashion you have worn or a hairstyle you once had.  These dolls are for the nonconformist in all of us!  The begoths™ family are living breathing inspirations!  Enjoy…

“Toys That Refuse to Conform!”

I thought I was over and done with buying dolls.  After my mom died in 2013, I started to lessen my trips to thrift stores, was able to curb the urge to buy like I used to.  Yes, every now and then I yield, but unlike before, now I am more discerning.   So, I’m not yet totally…cured! LOL!

Anyway, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Andrea B. Divisoria shopping and haul! I got curious so I watched her video.  And there, one store they went to, she held up a box of Begoth Doll Fiona Fatale! My pupils suddenly dilated!  Checking the date, she posted it only a week before I saw it, there’s a possibility that the doll is still there, after all, she didn’t buy it.  There’s no info where in 168 Mall it is located, heck, not even a store sign!  So I replayed the video over and over again, took mental note of the area, a few signs, and at the end of her trip a flash of Soler Wing.  The old wing being the Sta. Elena Street.  After 2 weeks I finally decided to go, it was like treasure hunting! 168 Mall is a huge maze and its my first time there.  After scouring the entire toy section, I felt exasperated, I couldn’t find the store! I decided to give up and just went downstairs to window shop at the clothes section.  Lo and behold!  The store with no name!  

Yes, Fiona is still there but I decided to buy Devastatia.  

  So now I have 3 Begoths Doll!

 There were 2 Devastatia, I chose this one even though her box is not in good condition, the doll even has spots on her face which I’m not sure would come off.


But it did came off with one swipe!  The other doll has better packaging condition, but I noticed the color of her head is not the same as her body, its yellowish!  Anyway, I’m contented with my pick.


A Post-Halloween tale.  I know that time of season has passed, but I still want to write about this because I want to.

Oftentimes when I came home from thrifting my mother would ask me what I got and like a child (ha ha ha) I would immediately show her my loot with excitement and a short story to boot of how I got it.  My sister on the other hand will say “Aren’t you afraid these dolls might come alive at night?  You don’t even know where they came from and who owns them…” to which I always say “No, why should I? I adopted them, I’m saving them in a way and giving them TLC, they should be thankful.” 

Well, to be honest there are times it crossed my mind, having watched a lot of horror movies about dolls, I sort of have these feelings.  What if these dolls have inherited negative energies from their previous owner?  What if they are cursed?  What if there’s a soul living inside these dolls?


There was a time when I brought home a doll from a thrift store, I was excited because she’s a 16″ princess doll and looked new.  My mom said she’s beautiful, I’m not quite sure, but I think she raised the dolls arms and tried to scare me by saying “She’s about to strangle you…” and I just laugh it off.  I went upstairs, examine the doll and noticed how odd that her arms seems longer and her hands…, but I dismissed the thought and immediately bathe and spruce her up.  I let her sit on top of my bed.  Days passed, each time I go up, the first thing I noticed about her are her arms and hands, not her angelic face.  I guess my mom’s joke stuck my mind.

Then one Sunday afternoon, the 5 year old daughter of our neighbor came up with me in our bedroom.  She often comes to play with my dolls, so she’s used to seeing different types of them.  But that day, she refused to enter our bedroom, she was slightly whimpering, looking at the doll.  


I convinced her to come in, hiding behind my back, she doesn’t want to come near the doll.  I asked why, she just shook her head and started whimpering again so I took her downstairs worried she might cry.  Then I went up and that started the “feeling” again.  Crazy thought, I asked why, maybe you (doll) are meant to be with someone else, not with me.  So I took the doll to the Church (yes, because I’m crazy) then the Parish Office where there are donation boxes for clothes and toys.  I bid her happy trip!

Then, there’s another one, an antique German Bisque Doll.  She’s still in good condition but quite old.  I got curious and was contemplating on buying her, but hesitated when I saw she has teeth behind the slightly parted lips.  I tried to peep further inside her mouth but it was dark, well who knows, she might even have a tongue!  I took out my camera and tried to take a snap of her, but no matter how I tried several times, adjusting the settings and all, the photos comes out blurred.  I tried using my cellphone, but it wouldn’t focus on her face!  I gave up and said “Ok I knew it now, the signs, you’re not for me.” 

That day I googled her name and indeed she’s an antique doll.  Sorry no picture, I have forgotten her name now, I couldn’t find it in my gallery, I’m sure I didn’t delete it.  





About 2 weeks ago I dropped by a toy store to unwind and at the same time check if there are new dolls.  I have long promised myself that I would never buy anymore dolls, and am able to hold on to this.  Anyway, here are the dolls that caught my attention, another set of copycats.

These dolls are of course, much cheaper than the original, but with very good packaging.

Copycats, how amusing!  I sort of took a fancy and almost broke my promise!  Good thing I don’t have enough dough that time.

They’re Made in China.  ;-P


It pays to be patient!  Last year I posted a doll that had me going crazy for a week simply because someone found her first!  I was referring to “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY.”

A year after that, I happen to passed by a thrift store which I had not visited for a long time.  A sign indicates the “New Arrival” was 3 days ago.  So I thought by that time, all I may see are probably left-over stuff, toys with missing pieces already, and dolls that have been stripped of their clothes by careless customers.  I did went in anyway, to pass time.

I was right, nothing interesting caught my fancy.  Was about to go when I took another look at a tall shelf behind me, I am myopic, so I squinted my eyes as I scan the writings on each boxes.  On the topmost portion of the shelf lays a dark blue box along with the other stuff, I don’t know why I focused my attention on that one, I craned my neck and blink several times, it read Ufuoma Urie.  It sounds familiar to me,  I got excited and asked for assistance because I could’ nt reach it.  My heart was pounding as the clerk handed the box to me, can you believe that!  I think I’m going insane!  At last!  My own LITTLE APPLE DOLL!











Little Apple Dolls doesn’t really have a face (no lips, no cheek blush, lashes and eyes)  all she has is a pair of eyeless hollow socket and a slightly protruding nose.  This doll I found is probably a product of Toy Convention contest, like an on-the-spot face up.  She is in mint condition (still new!) with all accessories intact in their original packaging, except for the dented box.  I don’t like what they did to her face, maybe in time, I shall restore her face to its original state.  But right now, she will have to wait.




The One That Got Away

Been a while since my last post…….I haven’t been going to thrift stores like I used to, but even so, there’s still a lot of dolls that I want to write about, just don’t have that much time.  Anyway, this post is not about a prospective husband or bf that got away, what else could it be?

I was on my way out for a snack when I pass by a thrift store and saw the clerk starting to put up their new arrivals of toys and bags.  From outside I could see their display and got curious on one item in the shelf.  A doll still in her box, about 15″ tall, ghostly white color, long blond hair, faceless…..well almost.  All she had on her face is a pair of “eyeless socket” and slightly shaped nose, she wears a long blue/black robe and I think I saw a mask and an apple inside her box……..I WANT HER!

I asked the clerk if its ok to buy the doll even though they are still closed, she told me to come back later when they open.  So I did at exactly the time she said and hurriedly went inside.  The doll is gone!  I just don’t know how to feel at that moment, I wanted the doll so badly I scanned the whole store, discreetly check each customers who might be carrying the box…..but none of them has her! I stood there for a while until a man stooped beside me to check his stuff, and there she is!  He has her already!  I tapped the box he was holding and ask him that’s a doll?  Almost like I want to demand “that’s my doll!!”

Anyway, since he has not yet paid for her, I asked the clerk if maybe …just maybe…she could sell it to me instead, am willing to add a few bucks just so I can have her…..but of course she said sorry, the man came in first and got the doll first.

I went home empty handed, feeling like I lost in a game……….kept thinking about the doll for a week.  The doll’s name?   Little Apple Dolls.. by artist Ufuoma Urie

The Doll I saw was Sine Of Souls


series 4

(note:  the picture above was taken from google images and is not mine)