Cheap Dolls

When I went to my favorite toy store a few days ago, I took a snap of some cheap fashion dolls they put up for the holiday season (well actually, they’re not that cheap).  Indeed, these dolls looked attractive because of their packaging, and at some point, have a lovelier product presentation.  Of course, they are not as sturdy as those of the high end dolls.

These Dolls do have fashion sense, I liked the color combination.

I almost bought Abbie!

Amused by this Beauty Sea Journey Mermaid

I’m not a big fan of toddler dolls, but they’re cute!

Lady Miu looked like a Pullip Doll.

Lovely Packaging


A Silkstone Barbie Clone!  This one is actually in Divisoria’s 168 Mall.  I already have one years ago, so I didn’t buy her.  I just included her picture here for my own reference.

And from among the dolls that Mattel released this year, only these 2 MTM caught my fancy!  They’re not cheap!


Toy Kingdom 10th Warehouse Sale

Wow! On their 10th year!  It means I’ve been going to this yearly event for 10 years now.  Well, the first 5 years was great, they had big bargains and a lot of collectible items, wide selection of toys from cheap to high end.  But the succeeding years wasn’t as grand.  Anyway, I did went just the same, yes, parents can still enjoy shopping for their kids, but not much for collectors.

The first thing I searched for was the BRATZ booth, I was hoping they still have leftover stocks of the old line.  But nah!  They only have the 2015 release.

The Barbie booth is boring has nothing much in terms of collectible dolls.

Monster High Dolls for me still has a monstrous price tag despite the slash!

 Descendants and EAH dolls, they never caught my fancy.

But these dolls got me interested though…I almost bought this one, not cheap looking. The stand seems durable unlike those Php50.00 I bought from Market! Market!

These dolls looked like Kyla, its like those Chic Boutique Dolls, seems all hard plastic except for the head.

I carried these Moxie while I was doing my rounds, I was trying to decide if I will buy these or not because they’re cheap!

Aww!  I pitty these dolls! Novi Stars at Php100.00 due to damaged box.

At the end of the day, I left empty handed.  Hurrahhh!!  I was able to restrain myself from buying!

My Other Vintage Dolls

Yes, I changed the title for this post (and this is part 8, still the continuation of my 70s Dolls) I just don’t want to confuse myself or anyone reading this.  Like what I said in my previous post, the dolls I have here may or may not came from the 70s.  Sooo, I’m quite a disorganized person.

DINAH-MITE (1971-1974)

Produced by The Mego Corporation.  She stands 7-1/2″ although most of the site indicates she’s 8″ well, I measured her twice of course at the back, from head to heel.  Move over MTM, he he he, anyway, she’s got 15 points of articulation, fully rooted hair, and originally wears a purple jumpsuit.

Wearing a Happy Hippy fashion from her 1975 Catalog 

She was wearing this underneath an old handmade Victorian inspired dress.  I can’t find her boots!  She’s a thrift store find.


She’s 9″ tall, rooted auburn hair, jointed body, her torso is made of hard plastic while her limbs are made of vinyl.  Her head sculpt has a bony (?) features or a well defined cheekbones (I forgot to snap a side view) and I liked how her knees bend in two clicks and still able to hold that position.  Made by Ideal Toy Company 1975.  I found her wearing a blouse and long skirt with black boots.

STEPHIE 1974-1978

She belongs to the Sunshine Family by Mattel.  I found her in good condition with her house dress and apron minus the slippers.  But just last week, I found out she’s starting to melt.  Lessons learned, never store them in contacts with the other dolls, the pressure, the heat, the plasticizer, they all contribute to the melting issues.  I admit being lazy at times I store them on top of another without plastic or protection.