Takara Doll 3

This post features only 1 doll, I have limited time.  I am clueless about her identity.  All I remember was she’s been in the cover of a book, My Favorite Doll Book Series #17.  I don’t have that book, and I’m too lazy to research.  I just want to post her pictures 😉 that’s all.


Not her original outfit, she’s wearing a Barbie longsleeves and Licca cropped khaki pants.

It took me quite some time to fit her boots, having a silicone/NB body, I find it hard to dress her up.



Hopefully next time, I can take photos of at least 3 or all!

Takara Dolls 2

Hello World!

Five months! That’s how long it took me to finally continue where I left off. These are all thrift store finds, so I cannot give an accurate description of when, or who, or what edition these dolls are from. Should anyone recognize them, please comment, I’d appreciate it very much.

Last week I brought 2 dolls with me on my way to work. I did my photo shoot in the park, it was my first time to do it outside. Some passersby would stare as they walk past me, I felt a little embarrassed at first, but later on after a few clicks, I got the hang of it and ignored them.

Meet PG Fashion Station Jenny friend, Shion from Japan with natural body that is so hard to dress. Originally, she wears Pink and White Dress, Jacket and Boots.


And this is another Fashion Station Jenny Friend, Love Way Tamaki.  She originally wears a red dress like some sort of fashion raincoat, white boots, and striped thigh high socks.