My 70’s Doll Part 4!

An overdue post.  Last week I was able to dig in to my boxes and I find it hard to look for the other dolls coz I’m so disorganized with my collections.  So this post might contain dolls that are not from the 70’s maybe early 80’s.


Yes, these dolls came from the early 80’s and has a lot of names.  She could be Betty, Rita, Debbie or Gloria.  I only remember Gloria’s furniture being sold here in our country a long time ago, but never saw the doll.  I liked the quality/material they used for the head, it feels hard and sturdy.

Only one is original, the other two are clones.



These dolls came from the 70’s and I found them in a thrift store.  I bought them because they remind me of my childhood. 

Hongkong Dolls

I have no info about these dolls except they are all made in Hong Kong.  The two are made of cheap hollow hard plastic, while the doll in the middle is made by Playmates as one of Doll of All Nation.  I just don’t know which series she belongs to.



To be continued.

Kung Hei Fat Choi 2016

Better late than never.

Anyway, I only have 4 Chinese dolls.  I’ve already featured the Chinese Empress Barbie, Mulan, The Lotus Dancer, and now meet Bun bun, well it’s not really her name.  I have no idea who she is, so I thought of giving her that because of the hair bun on the right side of her head.

I found her in a thrift store sometime last year.  She was inside a plastic wrapped in a paper, no box.  I got curious so I asked the clerk to unwrap it for me.  The arms dangled and fell off.  The clerk avoided looking at me, pretended like nothing happened and tried to push the limbs back.  Well, I know it wouldn’t and will not because it’s a string doll.  I got worried she might do more harm so I told her never mind, I’ll buy it.  I found her interesting because of her costume, body structure and yes, her hairstyle.

I don’t know from what year she was made, she certainly looked old to me.


She’s about 7″ tall


Her body is made of wood.  The limbs has wire that serves as hooks to pull them in place with an elastic band.


One bun on her right


A braid on the left side

Her head is made of wood and was painted on.  It wasn’t an ordinary paint, and the stain seems to come from underneath.  The cracks made her looked like a porcelain doll.