This morning I went to Toy Kingdom with my sister.  I donated 7 of my dollies!  I just want to have a remembrance before I let them go.  The past years, I usually drop my toys either at Jollibee or our local church office.  Not just dolls, but stuff toys as well.

I was thinking, donate a toy in exchange for a Php50.00 coupon per toy.  I didn’t choose TK just because of the coupon, I thought for a change.  Is it still a donation when you where given something in return?

Anyway, I hope my dolls will make some kids happy and vice versa!


I dressed the 3 fashion dolls, I don’t want them to travel nude.

20161130_110705These 2 vintage dolls has a complete outfit.  While taking their photos I was contemplating on replacing their clothes, they’ve got nice costumes.  But of course, I didn’t, like with the past dolls I donated, they should go with the dress they were born with.  Did I say born with?  It’s a pity if I rob them of their belongings and then give them away.

Happy trip my babies!





Early this year I found a naked doll in one of my fave thrift shops, I rarely go to thrift stores now, my company has relocated so change of route has made it impossible for me to visit during lunch break.

I’m not really into small dolls, but she’s kind’a looked vintage so I took her home.  She was made by HORNBY a company in UK that produces model railways, locomotives and educational devices for children during the 1900s and began marketing dolls in 1980s. 

Anyway, this doll I found belongs to the Flower Fairies produced in 1983.  Inspired by Cicely Mary Barker’s drawings.

Since she was naked, I don’t know which one she is among the Flower Fairy Dolls.  I forgot the color of the petal I found tied around her, I threw it away, awww!  She’s 7″ tall, same material as Barbie’s.  There were 7 Original Flower Fairies produced and many more were made after.


Some of my 70s dolls are not the collectible type, so most of them are unbranded and cheaply made, but I love them anyway. 


I found this doll in a thrift store and in good condition.  She’s all hollow plastic with only the head made of rubber which I can surmise to be same material as those being used during the 70’s.  She has a twist n turn waist, jointed legs and arms, the neck has the ball knob type to connect/plug the head.  I think she’s a souvenir doll.


I’m not sure if these are from the 70’s but surely resembles those dolls made by Sekiguchi during the 70’s.  My sister gave these to me and I could not remember the date.  Maybe late 70’s because during the time, I remember a lot of dolls being sold in set of 3s.  Although they seem to be clones, they are still made in Japan.  All rubber with fully rooted head.