My Thoughts On…

Since I have not yet taken any new photos yet, I might as well just write about these dolls I saw a few months ago in a toy store.  I don’t know if you can call this a review, but I am not in any way a professional product reviewer or tester or whatever you may call it.  I just wanna write my thoughts about these dolls.


I know these dolls have been in the market for quite sometime and they have a strong following. But when I saw these particular designs, I had mixed feelings.  I was a bit shocked? surprised? appalled?  I find it disturbing.  I was thinking, I won’t give my little girls dolls like these.  Am I just overreacting?  That’s why they are called Monster High Dolls, because they are monsters!  I have 3 MH dolls myself which I bought from thrift stores, but they were not as troubling as the above. Maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe I’m too old fashioned.  Maybe, I just got used to Barbie!


I was supposed to write about my thoughts on the new Bratz the first time they came back last year (?)  and feature my Bratz collection at same time but I was busy with something else.  Anyway, when they disappeared from the shelves to hibernate, I felt sad.  Bratz is one of the reasons I started collecting dolls.  Yes, I have not yet given them the spotlight in my blog.  Anyway, when I saw these dolls again, I thought they were just copycats, dupes, fake?  They are even more disproportionate than before.  The eyes are lackluster, flat, unlike the original.  Yes, the accessories maybe better than before, but I still prefer the old ones.


To be continued

AA Dolls

I was out for 2 months or so?  I’ve became too lazy to take photos due to the weather.  I only do my photo shoot upstairs and the heat is unbearable!  Anyways, the last I took was these 2 AA dolls.  Yes, these are thrift store finds.



AA Dolls (continuation)

Among the AA dolls I have, my favorite is Kiyoni Brown because of her dark chocolate skintone, I just didn’t like the bent body.  The one I have is from the Bike Date series created by Mattel in 2003.  She was with Tre (her date) when I found her dressed in her original clothes.  I don’t really collect male dolls, so she has to say goodbye to her date.  She is my first Flava doll.  

Kiyoni Brown by Mattel

Kiyoni B1

She resembles Barbie Basic Black Model #4 and stands 10-1/2″ tall, 8 points of articulation with bendable knees.

Jakks AA

Jakks Pacific Inc. (made in China) 11-1/2″ tall, she wears a pair of violet earrings and a gold pearl necklace (which i took off because of the bikini of course).  I do not know who she is, what series she belongs to.


 Soccer Christie Doll 1999, Made in Malaysia by Mattel, I don’t have her original Goalie uniform.


Brandy Doll by Mattel 1999, I have nothing much to say except I love her make up!  She’s all hard plastic like Christie above except their heads.

flava brown

Flava Doll Street Style Tika by Mattel with 10 points of articulation.  She looked like fresh from the shower.

Flava black 

Flava Doll Tika by Mattel with 10 points of articulation.  I don’t know which series she belongs to.


Generation Girl Nichelle by Mattel 1998


Fashion Fever New York Barbie Benetton

AAs with Liam

Flava Doll Liam at the center with flocked hair.  I already sold him, the girls are going crazy!

AA 8

Naked Glory, I forgot I still have 3 more.

AA Dolls (My summer dolls)

I’m taking a break from posting old/vintage dolls for a while to give my AA Dolls the limelight since it’s summertime.

I call these types my summer dolls because of their color which I really love!  All these black beauties came from thrift stores nude. 

I was supposed to dress them all up in bathing suits but I realized I don’t have much.  I contemplated on creating identical swimsuits for them, but I got lazy so I settled for whatever I have.

To be continued.

Ginny Dolls

Created by the Vogue Doll Company in 1977 is the 8″ Irish Girl from their “Far Away Lands” series with painted on eyes.  Vinyl head (fully rooted) and arms, torso and legs are not the typical hard plastic, its more of hard vinyl, I’m not that familiar with the types of plastics. 

Skinny Ginny

The Vogue Doll company has had transitions, and so as the dolls.  Lesney Corporation and Tonka has bought the rights to produce Ginny Dolls.  Since I am not a historian he-he-he, I will just share a link for anyone who’s interested check this Kaylee’s Korner. 


I let Skinny Ginny wear the handmade Victorian dress that Dinah-Mite was wearing on top of her Happy Hippy outfit when I found her.  Skinny originally wears the red dress with lace apron, white shoes and stockings.  She’s probably from the  same Far Away Lands series but I don’t know which country she represents, maybe Dutch Girl?

My Other Vintage Dolls

Yes, I changed the title for this post (and this is part 8, still the continuation of my 70s Dolls) I just don’t want to confuse myself or anyone reading this.  Like what I said in my previous post, the dolls I have here may or may not came from the 70s.  Sooo, I’m quite a disorganized person.

DINAH-MITE (1971-1974)

Produced by The Mego Corporation.  She stands 7-1/2″ although most of the site indicates she’s 8″ well, I measured her twice of course at the back, from head to heel.  Move over MTM, he he he, anyway, she’s got 15 points of articulation, fully rooted hair, and originally wears a purple jumpsuit.

Wearing a Happy Hippy fashion from her 1975 Catalog 

She was wearing this underneath an old handmade Victorian inspired dress.  I can’t find her boots!  She’s a thrift store find.


She’s 9″ tall, rooted auburn hair, jointed body, her torso is made of hard plastic while her limbs are made of vinyl.  Her head sculpt has a bony (?) features or a well defined cheekbones (I forgot to snap a side view) and I liked how her knees bend in two clicks and still able to hold that position.  Made by Ideal Toy Company 1975.  I found her wearing a blouse and long skirt with black boots.

STEPHIE 1974-1978

She belongs to the Sunshine Family by Mattel.  I found her in good condition with her house dress and apron minus the slippers.  But just last week, I found out she’s starting to melt.  Lessons learned, never store them in contacts with the other dolls, the pressure, the heat, the plasticizer, they all contribute to the melting issues.  I admit being lazy at times I store them on top of another without plastic or protection. 

My 70s Dolls Part 7 & other Vintage dolls

The week that was has given me so little time to round up my old dolls, too many housework.  So far here are some (note: I should have entitled these posts as My Vintage/old dolls instead of just the 70s Dolls) some of these may not be from the said era and I am a bit lazy to research on the exact year they came out, so anyone reading this, feel free to correct me, I don’t mind, thank you.

Liddle Kiddles by Mattel

  • 1968 Mattel Liddle Kiddle Storybook Sleeping Biddle Doll Stock#3527
  • Height 3.5″ with wired rubberized body
  • Fully rooted hair/head
  • Peach Ribbon Band w/ Rhinestone on her long blonde hair
  • Rooted Eyelashes (all her lashes slid inside her head)
  • Head Marks B233, Mattel Inc., Japan (under her chin)
  • Body Marks  1965 Mattel Inc. Japan, #14
  • Further info at
  • 1969-1970 Mattel Kiddles n’ Kars Doll
  • Stock#3644 Teresa Touring Car
  • 3″ Height wired rubberized body
  • Head Marks #380, Mattel Inc., Japan (under her chin)
  • Body Marks 1965 Mattel Inc. Japan #10
  • Painted on socks and shoes
  • Head is not fully rooted (bald spot center)
  • 1969-1970 Mattel Kiddles n’ Kars Doll
  • Henrietta Horseless Carriage Stock#3641
  • 3″ Height wired rubberized body
  • Head Marks #420, Mattel Inc., Japan (under her chin)
  • Body Marks 1965 Mattel Inc. Japan #12
  • Painted on socks and shoes
  • Head is not fully rooted (bald spot center)
  • Full info 


I found these 3 dolls along with Flatsy Dolls by Ideals, but I didn’t buy them.  These Liddle Kiddles’ outfit have become sticky so I threw them away, not realizing that they could add up to the value of the doll if ever I decide to sell them, ouch!

MY 70’s Doll Part 6

Does these gets boring?  Part 6 (really?!)

Anyway, next time I’ll try (try!) to maybe just line them up and give them one shot so I can post my Bratz (they’re getting jealous already and getting dusty). 

This is a cheap clone of a Dollikin Doll, she’s made of hollow plastic, although others refer to her as Barbie clone, she looked more like the action girl doll Dollikin.

She’s about same size as Barbie with a terrible hairline!


Despite being made of cheap quality plastic, I liked her curves and her side glancing eyes.  I’d like to think they used a mold that was once used on branded dolls.  Those molds that have been phased out or defective.  No mark except that part on the back of her shoulder where the supposed trademark should be, either they scraped off the lettering  or they have patched up that area of the mold.