Happy New Dolly Year!

I haven’t been posting for quite sometime now, office work, deadlines, etc.

Just in time when I checked my blog, I got nominated for the Liebster Award by “Lotsofluckdolls” one of the blogs I follow.

Thank you for nominating me, and yes my first time, so I’m not so good at following instructions but as you said, let’s have fun and see where these goes.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. List these rules in your post.
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My answer to lotsofluckdolls questions:

What was the first doll in your collection that you still have now?    That would be the 70’s Hula/kissing Doll from Japan, a gift from my father.

Do you have any lines/brands where you want to get any doll from that line, regardless of who it is?     I’ve always wished to have Kia and Edie by Marina Bychkova of Enchanted Doll. I can’t afford them, too expensive, I’m a cheapskate!

Best/ most interesting new doll line in the last 5 years?  Hmm…well I’m not saying it’s the best, but I find the new 2016 Fashionistas Line interesting and Once upon a Zombie because I liked weird looking dolls.  I admit not very much updated with the latest.

Most ambitious doll-related project?  I have not ventured yet into one, but I’d really like to do my first OOAK.  Maybe I can consider my post 2d’s Thrift Store Sale  as one because I did 9 posts for that alone where I did a few set ups, for me it’s an accomplishment LOL… coz I’m not that patient really.

How do the people you are close to feel/act about your interest in dolls?  Has anyone been mean? Or surprised you by being nice?   They were surprised (with matching wide grin on their faces) that at my age I still play with dolls ha ha ha.  They are not against my addicting hobby.

Do you have any stories of sibling/pet related doll destruction?  None, however, a niece find my Kewpie dolls’ belly big enough to be her drawing board, thank God, I was able to wipe it off.  I didn’t get mad though, kids are like that.

Do you have a mini me doll? If not, are you planning on making/getting one?  I don’t have, but would like my first OOAK to look like me.

Does realism matter to you in a doll? Nope, as long as the doll tickles my fancy, it does not matter whether it looked like a cartoon character, a zombie, big head, short limbs, etc.

Do you have a preferred doll size? None, but I was thinking I should have focused on one size, now I have a collection of dolls with varied sizes which I read somewhere is one collector mistake.

Is there a certain ‘look’ that your dolls have in common?  Well, none exactly, I’ve always wanted something different, like one of each kind.

What other hobbies do you have?  I collect Hello Kitty plushies too, I liked reading books about paranormal stuff, loved collecting movies of Keanu Reeves ;-)  and coffee shop trippings.

And there, I hope anyone reading this enjoyed the questions and answer portion.  Now want to try it?  It was fun.  This is voluntary and you are not obliged to do it.  There are certain rules, I am not quite sure how many followers the people I nominated here has, so I might be over by a bit.

I’m nominating:

And here are my questions:

1]  At what age did you really start collecting dolls?

2]  What/which is your favorite doll when you were still a kid?

3]  Did you ever received a doll (as a gift) that you didn’t like? why?

4]  What doll will complete your collection?

5]  Do you like buying dolls from thrift stores?

6]  Was there ever a time you had strange feelings with one of the dolls you bought from a thriftstore?  If so, what did you do with it?

7]  Do you have a certain budget or price range when you buy a doll?  How much?

8]  Time will come we have to “leave” our dolls behind, so what plans do you have for them?

9]  How do you keep your dolls in good condition?

10]  Have you ever joined a collector’s club and got kicked out because yours didn’t pass their standards?  Don’t mention the club’s name.  Did it discouraged you from joining another?

11]  Do you ever set the time when you will stop doll collecting?

Have fun answering!


2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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La Dee Da Clone!

The colorful doll La Dee Da went on sale several months ago, I didn’t buy, no regrets, not really my type.  Anyway, yesterday I went to a toy store just to pass time and traffic.  I was surprised that after La Dee Da left, comes another doll which is amusing for me.  I took photos for my reference.  These dolls are clones and a bit expensive @ Php699.75 so that’s about $14.82 with accessories.  Their eyes looked weird, they are detachable, I didn’t see any extra eyelid or eyeball (pupils) among the accessories.  If these dolls were priced Php200.00 ($4.25) I could have bought one out of curiosity.

This holiday season there are a lot of cheap alternatives you can choose from as gift to kids and little big kids :-P

Here are some that has caught my attention because of the way they’ve been packed and the color combination used to make it attractive. 

Toy Kingdom Sale 9th Year

Last November 6 (yes this is a very late post again) I went out to check TK’s 9th year warehouse sale.  Snapped a few pics but I didn’t find anything interesting.


Their first 3 years was ok, there were a lot of really collectible items at bargain price.  During those years I scored a lot of Bratz Dolls and Barbie fashion outfit.  I have yet to post them here. 

I don’t know, but I still find these toys expensive despite the marked down price.  Ho-hum…


I was out of touch for quite some time.  My 70’s doll posts was left hanging due to my inability to keep my storage organized, meaning to say, I forgot where I put most of my old dolls.  I only have big carton boxes where I toss them and forget them, now they got all mixed up.  

I’ve decided to write about my Oz character collections instead, and will get back to my 70’s doll in my future post.

In my pasts thrift store hopping, there was a time when all I could find are Oz characters by Mcdonalds.  I’m not into mini dolls, but got interested because the designs are based from Madam Alexander collections, a doll company that started in 1923. 

I love how McDonalds was able to present mini versions that are not cheap looking.  I mean, they’re included in Happy Meals, so they have to consider the manufacturing costs to fit the budget meal altogether.

One by one I was able to collect some of the characters released from different years.  So, just when I thought I got all of them ready to walk down yellow brick road….alas!  I realized I missed the Wizard!  I googled how the Wizard of Oz looked like, I was like….Oh man!  So I’ve already crossed path with the wizard! Dang!

He was wearing a green suit, I remember I found one years ago but left him at the counter last minute because I didn’t know who he was!  I picked the Mad Hatter doll instead!

Madame Alexander’s Wizard of Oz by McDonalds 2007 and 2008





This is my favorite version of their Dorothy because she looked like an antique bisque doll.  She has this facial expression I liked.   


I’ve been lazy, the net is soooo slow!  I don’t know up to how many parts these 70’s doll will take me.  Lately the days are gloomy, hard to take pictures, plus my hands are not as steady as they used to.  I want to make my details short and just post everything.  But, on second thought, for my own reference, I’d like to put all info (if I can) so as not to forget.  I’m not getting any younger, so my memory in time will fail me to recall.  


I love clone dolls made from the 70’s.  I don’t care if the materials they used are cheap.  I found these at Desibel in Cubao a few years ago.  The side glance is my deciding point, plus the hairstyle!  I thought she looked like Sindy, then I remember a doll named Petra. They looked more like Petra Von Plasty, I’m not sure, she could be Tressy, or just another craft doll. While most of the dolls I googled are side glancing towards the left, these are glancing to their right side.  No year was stamped at the back, I can tell they are from the 70’s.  

PURSE DOLLS made in Hong Kong

These are my sisters’ dolls, but they have outgrown them, so they were handed down to me.  There was a period during the 70’s that a mini doll inside a plastic purse or bag became a hit.  Liddle Kiddles dolls are the famous one.  These Hong Kong dolls has the same body structure as the Kiddles.  I remember they’re in a pink plastic purse with keychain.  They wear a white and blue striped uniform with a nurse cap, so I suppose they are nurses.  I lost their outfit.


Some of my 70s dolls are not the collectible type, so most of them are unbranded and cheaply made, but I love them anyway. 


I found this doll in a thrift store and in good condition.  She’s all hollow plastic with only the head made of rubber which I can surmise to be same material as those being used during the 70’s.  She has a twist n turn waist, jointed legs and arms, the neck has the ball knob type to connect/plug the head.  I think she’s a souvenir doll.


I’m not sure if these are from the 70’s but surely resembles those dolls made by Sekiguchi during the 70’s.  My sister gave these to me and I could not remember the date.  Maybe late 70’s because during the time, I remember a lot of dolls being sold in set of 3s.  Although they seem to be clones, they are still made in Japan.  All rubber with fully rooted head.



I love dolls made from the 70’s.  Although I wasn’t able to save most of mine, I can still remember them, and if I have enough time, maybe I’ll try to make a sketch of each one.  


Mine was made in Japan, this type of doll was a popular dashboard decoration during the mid-70’s and some series have closed eyes, long hair, all rubber without articulation except for the neck.


I can’t categorize her as a Hula Doll because she was wearing a red Indian outfit (pants & sleeveless tops) when my father gave this to me.  She used to have a long curly and wispy hair.  But when I was kid, I love experimenting on my doll’s hair and during that time, apple cut was the current hair trend, so I chopped off her foot long hair!