I’ve been lazy, the net is soooo slow!  I don’t know up to how many parts these 70’s doll will take me.  Lately the days are gloomy, hard to take pictures, plus my hands are not as steady as they used to.  I want to make my details short and just post everything.  But, on second thought, for my own reference, I’d like to put all info (if I can) so as not to forget.  I’m not getting any younger, so my memory in time will fail me to recall.  


I love clone dolls made from the 70’s.  I don’t care if the materials they used are cheap.  I found these at Desibel in Cubao a few years ago.  The side glance is my deciding point, plus the hairstyle!  I thought she looked like Sindy, then I remember a doll named Petra. They looked more like Petra Von Plasty, I’m not sure, she could be Tressy, or just another craft doll. While most of the dolls I googled are side glancing towards the left, these are glancing to their right side.  No year was stamped at the back, I can tell they are from the 70’s.  

PURSE DOLLS made in Hong Kong

These are my sisters’ dolls, but they have outgrown them, so they were handed down to me.  There was a period during the 70’s that a mini doll inside a plastic purse or bag became a hit.  Liddle Kiddles dolls are the famous one.  These Hong Kong dolls has the same body structure as the Kiddles.  I remember they’re in a pink plastic purse with keychain.  They wear a white and blue striped uniform with a nurse cap, so I suppose they are nurses.  I lost their outfit.


Some of my 70s dolls are not the collectible type, so most of them are unbranded and cheaply made, but I love them anyway. 


I found this doll in a thrift store and in good condition.  She’s all hollow plastic with only the head made of rubber which I can surmise to be same material as those being used during the 70’s.  She has a twist n turn waist, jointed legs and arms, the neck has the ball knob type to connect/plug the head.  I think she’s a souvenir doll.


I’m not sure if these are from the 70’s but surely resembles those dolls made by Sekiguchi during the 70’s.  My sister gave these to me and I could not remember the date.  Maybe late 70’s because during the time, I remember a lot of dolls being sold in set of 3s.  Although they seem to be clones, they are still made in Japan.  All rubber with fully rooted head.



I love dolls made from the 70’s.  Although I wasn’t able to save most of mine, I can still remember them, and if I have enough time, maybe I’ll try to make a sketch of each one.  


Mine was made in Japan, this type of doll was a popular dashboard decoration during the mid-70’s and some series have closed eyes, long hair, all rubber without articulation except for the neck.


I can’t categorize her as a Hula Doll because she was wearing a red Indian outfit (pants & sleeveless tops) when my father gave this to me.  She used to have a long curly and wispy hair.  But when I was kid, I love experimenting on my doll’s hair and during that time, apple cut was the current hair trend, so I chopped off her foot long hair!



Last part of my Anteprima Doll post is supposed to be Caco in different outfit, but I got lazy and the sun is not cooperating much for natural lighting, plus I couldn’t find any dress that could fit chubby Caco. 


Another thrift store find (Desibel) that I hold dear is an Anteprima Doll named CACOCUCO.  She looked different from the usual fashion dolls you see with long legs, slim figure with well-made up face like Barbie.  This one is chubby and maybe an inch shorter than Licca Chan.  Her body (jointed) is made of good quality hard plastic (Anteprima stamped on her back) and her head is of hard rubber not like the cheap ones.

Anteprima is not a toy company, check them out here.  There were 2 dolls actually.  Twins called Caco and Cuco.  So whether I got Caco or Cuco, does not matter coz they are identical twins LOL!  They were created for the 15th anniversary of Anteprima in 2008.  These dolls are not for sale.  They are given away as gifts only to close friends and clients of Anteprima.  I found this blog about the magical Twins.  See some of them here.



A sidewaysA stand



Here’s the 2nd part of Daiso’s Elly Doll.  I took a close up hoping to see a clear shot of her eye paint, the catchlight is smudged and the white base of her eyes are off centered.  Anyway, she’s cute despite being cheap.  For anyone who can’t afford a a new Licca doll, this one will do at least for me.



 I liked the way they packed her outfit, it’s simple and easy, just open the cardboard and peel off the scotch tape.

20150726_173411 20150726_173521Since Elly’s feet are slightly angled (not arched), the Japanese Slippers does not fit properly even though they are made supposedly for her.

20150726_172647I was amused at how they have constructed her uniform.  I thought it was a 4 piece ensemble (skirt, vest, blouse & bow) but was surprised (maybe because I’m not a dressmaker) when I opened the pack.

20150725_170820   Anyway, she’s adorable when I tried all the outfit on her.  And these fashion line belongs to her!

 I know there are a lot more in her fashion line but I’m Ok with my collection.  I was thinking of buying another clone called Beloved but nixed the idea at the last minute.  I’ve got a lot of original Liccas and Jennys already which I will post in the future.  Just for my reference, here are their pictures.

DAISO’S ELLY DOLL (Part 1 of 2)

The first time I saw Elly was in a thrift store.  Back then I didn’t know who she was, for me she’s just another cheap clone from China or made by our local manufacturers here in the Philippines.  But even though, I must say she has her own appeal, but not enough to make me take her home, so I left her with the rest of the mangled dolls.

Then in one of my visit to Daiso/Saizen at Robinson’s Galleria I found dolly clothes but for whom?  I searched for the doll but the clerk said the last piece was sold long ago and the management didn’t replenish their stocks anymore.  I was curious, I searched their branch in Glorietta but only found an assortment of her outfit.  I bought a few which I earlier posted here and several months later, the same pieces went on sale for as low as Php25.00 to Php10.00! 

Ok, I got all the design I want, but still no doll.  I know I can use it for Licca and some small dolls but these cute line belongs to her and created for her, she should get the credits!  So just recently visited the store at Galleria again and found a few of Elly’s dress on sale again.  I inquired about the doll, I got same answer.  I was not satisfied with “no stocks” reply specially when the clerk didn’t even budge to double check.  So I searched from one isle to another, it was gut feeling and I was right!  There she was hanging behind other toys! 

The last piece?  Maybe she got left behind in the stock room and now she looks pitiful. 

Clad in her jersey yellow bathing suit, Elly’s body is made of cheap hollow plastic.

ELLY DOLLHer hair is not as soft or as thick as Licca’s and her head is not fully rooted.  She has this round head connector that is molded as part of her neck which for me is good and safe.  I like dolls with this type of head connector, I don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the neck.



I bought her school uniforms, will have to try them on for my next post.



To be continued.


I’m sure all Barbie Collectors would want to have even at least one vintage Barbie, the ones that came out in late 1950’s, unfortunately, I don’t own one.  Mine is just a reproduction.  I wasn’t aware that the Barbie I knew from the 80’s is not her original face.  So after seeing photos of vintage Barbies, I started wishing for one.

For weeks my thoughts were filled with the doll in a Zebra Bathing Suit!  I don’t want to buy online because they are too expensive.  But I have these strong feeling that I will have one.

Then one lazy Sunday afternoon, I just felt like going to American Depot in Scout Borromeo.  It wasn’t even my schedule to go thrifting because I was at the mall.  I often go there in the morning because it’s far from my place.  It’s a weird feeling, go there at 3pm?  I must be crazy (in 2 hours it will be dark soon) but I kept seeing the picture of a vintage Barbie in my head!  So I did go out on a hunch!

When I arrived at the store, there are already a lot of customers with their kids playing all over the place and a few collectors I believe, I could only sigh, what chances do I have now?  I went straight to that glass table where they piled up all the dolls, I can see in total disarray now.  An indication that a lot of buyers have already been there.  Anyway, I usually try to clear one side of the table and then pile them up back neatly one by one, yes, as if I’m one of the storekeeper!  I do these everytime so I leave no stones unturned he he he and besides, I feel pity for these nude dolls!

Lo and behold!  I just can’t believe it!  Oh my, so I have ESP now?!  My first vintage Barbie!  Never mind if she’s a reproduction.  Talk about the power of the mind, I was really so surprised!  All limbs are intact, however, she has stains all over her face, dent marks on some parts of her body, and the face paint, well check out her pictures here.  Now comes the hard part, how much will they give this to me?  Sometimes I sense they jack up the price at the counter, so I talked to Barbie (yes I’m crazy I talk to my dolls sometimes) “I traveled far, if you want to come with me, you have to convince them to give me an affordable price, otherwise, I will have to leave without you”….how weird can anyone get?

At the counter I asked the sales clerk if the stains would come off or not?  And if ever, can I return it?  That is my opening spiel (it usually work) and the clerk gave me a positive smile.  She said that the doll is a “returned item” and I can’t do anything about the stain just like the first buyer.  Then she gave me an offer I can’t refuse, Php65.00 for the doll!  No return, you buy it as is.  And we went home together, enjoying the view while riding the MRT!

To this day, I admit not having enough time to do something about the stains.  Not yet.