What happens now?

What happens now?

I’m back…am I? I’m not sure. The last blog I posted was a year ago. A lot of things have happened, even before Covid-19, I became busy at work, my weekends have been dedicated to bonding either with my siblings or my college friends. What used to be my anti-social weekend (during which I’m with my dolls, that is) has me rediscovering the joy of traveling outside the perimeter of my city and seeing places I’ve never been to. These made me forget about dolls, for the longest time, I’ve not had the urge to go to toy stores to check out if there’s new dolls which I usually do in the past. My interest in this hobby has started to wane.

Then…along came this pandemic! We have been under various community quarantines and of course, we all experience being locked down. What happens now? I began to think about my dolls again. I’m not motivated to do the same photo shooting I used to. Whenever I look at the boxes now, I am overwhelmed by this inexplicable feeling. What am I gonna do with all these dolls? How much of my salaries went into these dolls when it should have been to my savings? I took a backseat selling some because it stresses me, packing, scheduling delivery, dealing with buyers, etc. I have already given away some to my relatives. I am planning to sell maybe 80% of my collections, but not during the pandemic where we are all wary of getting infected by things we touch. I am thankful to God that me and my family are safe, healthy and free from covid-19.

What happens now? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll stick to my original plan, to be able to post all my dolls minus the lengthy descriptions and narratives, no fancy background set ups, just photos.

I wasn’t sure when I wrote this post, but it remained in my draft for sometime and I decided to post it now. I’m lost here, WordPress has done so many updates and I am trying to re-acquaint myself with the editing, etc. 😛

Dolls…they came back!

I was supposed to feature a few of my vintage thrift find, but decided to post these dolls first because I will be sending them to their new homes.

Last October, my brother brought home a bag of dolls.  These are from my nieces which I gave as gift probably about 9 years or so.  Some are from my thrift haul, and some are new from toy stores.  So, they came back to me.

As I go through the dolls one by one I can’t help but feel sad, not because they are messed up and soiled.  It dawned on me that my nieces have all grown up, which means I am getting old.

Anyway, I have to clean and spruce them up again.


After the Spa…some haircut…and a broken neck!

I decided to keep these two 😉

Alice by Playmates and a kid version of Bratz Yasmin


I’m keeping her also for now, I forgot her name, is she Chelsea?







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