Happy New Dolly Year!

I haven’t been posting for quite sometime now, office work, deadlines, etc.

Just in time when I checked my blog, I got nominated for the Liebster Award by “Lotsofluckdolls” one of the blogs I follow.

Thank you for nominating me, and yes my first time, so I’m not so good at following instructions but as you said, let’s have fun and see where these goes.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. List these rules in your post.
  7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.


My answer to lotsofluckdolls questions:

What was the first doll in your collection that you still have now?    That would be the 70’s Hula/kissing Doll from Japan, a gift from my father.

Do you have any lines/brands where you want to get any doll from that line, regardless of who it is?     I’ve always wished to have Kia and Edie by Marina Bychkova of Enchanted Doll. I can’t afford them, too expensive, I’m a cheapskate!

Best/ most interesting new doll line in the last 5 years?  Hmm…well I’m not saying it’s the best, but I find the new 2016 Fashionistas Line interesting and Once upon a Zombie because I liked weird looking dolls.  I admit not very much updated with the latest.

Most ambitious doll-related project?  I have not ventured yet into one, but I’d really like to do my first OOAK.  Maybe I can consider my post 2d’s Thrift Store Sale  as one because I did 9 posts for that alone where I did a few set ups, for me it’s an accomplishment LOL… coz I’m not that patient really.

How do the people you are close to feel/act about your interest in dolls?  Has anyone been mean? Or surprised you by being nice?   They were surprised (with matching wide grin on their faces) that at my age I still play with dolls ha ha ha.  They are not against my addicting hobby.

Do you have any stories of sibling/pet related doll destruction?  None, however, a niece find my Kewpie dolls’ belly big enough to be her drawing board, thank God, I was able to wipe it off.  I didn’t get mad though, kids are like that.

Do you have a mini me doll? If not, are you planning on making/getting one?  I don’t have, but would like my first OOAK to look like me.

Does realism matter to you in a doll? Nope, as long as the doll tickles my fancy, it does not matter whether it looked like a cartoon character, a zombie, big head, short limbs, etc.

Do you have a preferred doll size? None, but I was thinking I should have focused on one size, now I have a collection of dolls with varied sizes which I read somewhere is one collector mistake.

Is there a certain ‘look’ that your dolls have in common?  Well, none exactly, I’ve always wanted something different, like one of each kind.

What other hobbies do you have?  I collect Hello Kitty plushies too, I liked reading books about paranormal stuff, loved collecting movies of Keanu Reeves 😉  and coffee shop trippings.

And there, I hope anyone reading this enjoyed the questions and answer portion.  Now want to try it?  It was fun.  This is voluntary and you are not obliged to do it.  There are certain rules, I am not quite sure how many followers the people I nominated here has, so I might be over by a bit.

I’m nominating:

And here are my questions:

1]  At what age did you really start collecting dolls?

2]  What/which is your favorite doll when you were still a kid?

3]  Did you ever received a doll (as a gift) that you didn’t like? why?

4]  What doll will complete your collection?

5]  Do you like buying dolls from thrift stores?

6]  Was there ever a time you had strange feelings with one of the dolls you bought from a thriftstore?  If so, what did you do with it?

7]  Do you have a certain budget or price range when you buy a doll?  How much?

8]  Time will come we have to “leave” our dolls behind, so what plans do you have for them?

9]  How do you keep your dolls in good condition?

10]  Have you ever joined a collector’s club and got kicked out because yours didn’t pass their standards?  Don’t mention the club’s name.  Did it discouraged you from joining another?

11]  Do you ever set the time when you will stop doll collecting?

Have fun answering!



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A Filipina who loves collecting dolls. Crazy enough to think dolls have a life of its own.

7 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD”

  1. Thank you for nominating me!

    My dolls do not come in the same size, but I mostly have 1/6th scale dolls. Still I don’t consider it a collector’s mistake. If you really like something but it comes in a different size from what you’re used to, what’s really stopping you from buying it? Unless it’s really big and storage is an issue for you, but if it’s not, I don’t see what the problem is.


  2. Hi! Thank you very much for nominating me :-). I just participated for the award, so I’m going to skip for now, also because I am terribly busy right now, and unfortunately it’s not with dolls but with renovations :-(. I enjoyed reading your answers! A Marina Bychkova doll is a dream doll for me too, but I think it will stay a dream, my wallet doesn’t allow me to buy one LOL!

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  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. I would have answered one question that you have posted here. I love thrift stores! I live in the USA and people donate all kinds of stuff. You never read about a Monet or Van Gogh finds in any other country, but the USA. I once found a purse with gold jewelery, brand new Coco Chanel purse, as well as Gucci, or vintage, never used alligator purse. As for dolls I found all my American Girl dolls, antique dolls and latest little Riley Kish doll. The most I paid was $10.

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